ADDASPACE is Creating Modern Dwellings from Shipping Containers



“With ADDASPACE, homeowners can enjoy modern, modular living at an affordable price with a space to suit their diverse and ever-evolving needs.”
-Andrew Naperotic, ADDASPACE Co-Founder

ADDASPACE is a manufacturer of modular accessory dwelling units based in Bristol, Rhode Island. The company helps homeowners to create spaces of all kinds alongside their current homes, including home offices, guest suites, gyms, and pool cabanas. By converting reclaimed shipping containers into additional dwellings, ADDASPACE modern dwellings provides an alternative to moving or having to complete costly home renovations.

“From the design and permitting processes to delivery and installation, our mission is to make adding a space as easy and stress free as possible.”
-Anders Hansen, Principal at ADDASPACE

The company takes pride in their hassle-free building process, which takes just weeks to complete in comparison to the months it often takes to finish an extensive renovation. ADDASPACE even handles the entire permitting process prior to installation.

ADDASPACE modern dwellings is dedicated to the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The core of the construction is a shipping container, thus minimal energy use is required to convert it from cargo to its new residential purpose. Aside from small changes like cutting out windows and doors, few amendments to the container are necessary. ADDASPACE also helps clients take their units off the grid using solar panels that make the spaces self-sustainable.

“We were looking for a green cladding product to go with our reclaimed shipping container frame, and we wanted a clean, smooth surface.”
Anders Hansen

Kebony modified wood is one of the sustainable building materials used for cladding on the ADDASPACE modules. Kebony was selected for its durability in any type of weather, smooth feel, and the natural silver-grey patina it develops with age.

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