13 social media post ideas for deck builders

Social Media Post Ideas for Deck Builders

13 social media post ideas for deck builders


You probably already know that social media is good for business – and not just businesses geared to the young and smartphone-savvy. Everyone uses social media today, including your potential clients. If you’re thinking “I’m a deck contractor, not a selfie-taking teenager! How do I use social media?” then this post is for you!

We’ll show you 13 real-life examples of stellar social media posts by deck contractors, why they work, and how you can use all the top tricks to get your decking business seen (and followed, liked, and shared) on social media.

#1. Raise Eyebrows to Raise Bottom Lines

Go big or go home. To capture attention through all the noise of social media, you’ve got to stand out. Post an impressive photograph of a recent project and let the picture say a thousand words, like this wow-inducing gallery of project pics:

#2: Educate to Promote

Post an article that teaches people about something. How to hire a contractor, what materials to use, how to decide on a style – the sky’s the limit! YouTube is a great platform for this, but any social media site will work. People love feeling more informed about their decisions and social media is a great place to build trust with customers. 

#3: Get Participation

Asking people what they think of a design is a great way to get people involved and invested. You can go with the classic “What do you think?”, like below, or go a step above and have people vote by “liking” for one pic and “commenting” for another to see which is the winner. People love voting on their favorites and anything that gets people to stay on a post for more than a second is a good thing for your business. 

#4: Make It Share-Worthy

The best thing that can happen to you in social media is to “go viral”. To have that one post, picture or piece of content that people love so much that they just have to share it with all their friends. Find something awesome about your company – an amazing project, a great idea, a new way of doing things and get people sharing it, like this fun deck concept shared by Biship Handyman and Contracting: 

#5: Hashtag It

#Hashtags are useful as a way to categorize and find posts on certain subjects. As such, they’re a useful tool for any business’ social media efforts. But there’s more to it than that. People love hashtags because they’re fun. And while it’s usually not a good idea to go overboard and attach 10 hashtags to every social media post, adding a couple in here and there is a fun way to get more eyes on your post.

#6: Make a List

In this tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) online culture, lists are the way to go. They grab attention, get people clicking onto your site and are a fast read. A great way to use this strategy is to post an intriguing list headline to your social media sites and link it to a blog post on your site (you do have a blog, don’t you?). It’s the modern equivalent of getting your “foot in the door”. 

#7: Before and After Pics

We all love a good before and after and social media is a great place to showcase your transformations for past clients. Add a teaser statement that encourages people to click on the picture, like “What will your ‘after’ look like?” and you’ll grab more traffic for your site. 

#8: Have a Contest

This is another great way to get people to actually take action on your social media – have a contest! It can be big and bold like Allen Building Centre’s “Ugly Deck Contest” below, or smaller, with just a comment needed for a chance to win. Prizes can range from vouchers and gift certificates to anything else you can dream up. 

#9: Build a Quiz

Social media is all about having fun and quizzes are an excellent way to not only get your customers excited (“What’s your dream deck style?”), but to showcase something new that they may not have considered. And once they’ve taken your quiz and found out their perfect deck, they’ll need someone to build it for them! There are a lot of easy to use quiz creators online, which makes this a fun way to make an impact.

#10: Don’t Limit Yourself to Facebook

When we’re talking social media, most people jump right to Facebook, which is a great platform for reaching customers, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There are countless social media platforms out there. The basic list includes: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, but a quick search can find you plenty more. You can start with one or two (maybe Facebook and Twitter), but keep expanding over time, and you’ll continue to increase your exposure. 

#11: Get Involved in the Local Community

You may already be doing local charity work or other service endeavors and social media is a great way to showcase all your great efforts! People love to see companies getting involved in their communities. Not only will your post drive traffic to your site, but more importantly, it will build trust in your company as a caring group of local people. Check out this excellent example from Premier Fence & Deck Company in Tennessee. 

#12: Post and Ask for Shout Outs

Customers love to be recognized. Give a shout out to a stand-up client and highlight their current or completed project. The other side of this coin is to get shout outs from your clients. Ask them if they’d be willing to post to their social media if they think you’ve done a great job. It’s word-of-mouth for the modern era.

#13: Be Funny

Humor draws people in. We know it’s hard to be funny on command, but try to find something fun or funny to post – a great decking joke (they’re out there!), a funny or weird picture or fun and random facts. Every post doesn’t have to be a hoot, but make sure you lighten up once in a while and post something that’s just there to have a little fun. It will keep people coming back and subscribing.