7 inspirational rooftop decking and terrace designs for your next commercial project

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7 inspirational rooftop decking and terrace designs for your next commercial project


As the beneficial impacts of having access to things like nature, fresh air and natural light continue to gain more attention, many residential homes and commercial properties are including rooftop terraces in their designs. A rooftop deck, patio or terrace gives guests, customers and employees an opportunity to experience time outdoors, which can greatly affect mood, performance and productivity. For these reasons and more, architects are finding themselves designing more rooftop spaces than ever before. These 7 inspirational rooftop deck and terrace designs are meant to help motivate you in the creation of newer and more innovative designs of your own.

1. Sand Terrace

This restaurant features dining and entertaining space both indoors and out, creating a grand and open environment. With the indoor seating areas opening directly to the outdoor space it was important to keep this transition as seamless as possible, which was accomplished by using the same sustainable wood decking throughout. To create a point of interest on the rooftop deck, the wood flooring was used to create the boundaries of what would become a sandpit that sets a fun, tropical stage for that main seating area.

2. Private Escape

Sometimes all you want to do is get away from it all and relax. And that’s exactly what you can do with this private rooftop terrace. The eclectic design features walls made of the same material as the decking for privacy, as well as a mixture of other materials including retractable shades and privacy glass on one side. The solid wood walls create the perfect atmosphere for seating and conversation areas, so you can easily entertain, relax and escape from the world below.

3. Maximum Coverage

A contemporary building needs a contemporary terrace to match. This rooftop design is tucked away on one side and set up to feature maximum function and views. The clean lines of the wood decking contrast the material and rails used on the walls. The light color of the decking is also ideal for a sunny terrace, as it won’t heat up or become uncomfortable underfoot. The result is more like a rooftop living room, than a deck, giving residents an additional way to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

4. Enhancing the View

This waterfront hotel understood that when building a rooftop terrace of this size, on such a beautiful riverfront parcel, looks matter. The sustainable wood decking used complements the natural colors of the surrounding environment, helping to enhance the soft, elegant view from each guest’s room. Modified wood is also known for outstanding durability which is crucial for a space that will be in constant use for entertaining.

5. Enclosed Terrace Design

This hotel chose to make the most of a truly spectacular view with an enclosed, rooftop terrace that can be enjoyed year round. The contemporary building used a sustainable wood terrace decking to contrast with the glass and steel and lend some warmth and natural beauty to the room, while complementing the semi-outdoor setting.

6. Sun or Shade Rooftop Deck Design

People want to use patios and rooftop decks for a variety of reasons. Some for entertaining, others for relaxing and sunbathing. This wide open rooftop patio offers the chance for both with a covered, shaded section perfect for eating and entertaining in all weather, while the other section features conversation areas open to the elements. Unifying the two sections is the same sustainable wood decking, which brings an organic atmosphere to the area and helps guests feel as though they’re on vacation upon arrival.

7. Decorative Terrace Decking

It comes as no surprise that this sailing academy sought to maximize the view of the one thing that brings all of it’s members together; the water. To achieve this, they created multiple decks at varying levels, including a massive rooftop installation. And by installing the modified wood boards in different patterns and angles, they paid homage to the natural inconsistency and playful spirit of the sea.

Design Your Next Rooftop Deck or Terrace

Rooftop decks and terraces are showing up everywhere in both residential and commercial designs these days. There are countless ways to include them in any architectural style and they can be both public or private in execution. Create your own deck design with these as inspiration to help complete your next project in style.