17 modern wood deck design ideas

17 Modern Wood Deck Design Ideas

17 modern wood deck design ideas


A wood deck is a classic feature for homes and businesses alike, serving as an ideal outdoor entertainment area. Designing a wood deck can be done very simply with great results, but consider how a modern style combined with a bit of creativity can turn an otherwise plain deck space into something more useful as well as eye-catching.

Here are a few modern wood deck ideas to inspire you to create an impressive outdoor zone.

1. Ground level decking blends in seamlessly

(YETI Corporate Office, by TBG Partners, photo by Fine Focus Photography)

When you think of a deck you often think of an above-ground structure, but this beautiful in-ground deck at the Yeti Corporate Office will make you reconsider. This deck blends in perfectly with both the surrounding tile and the lush green lawn. This allows employees to easily maneuver around and is also very disabled-friendly. The use of Kebony ensures this deck will outlast traditional wood decks and won't leach chemicals into nearby soil. This design can easily be replicated in a residential setting as well, especially if you'd rather not deal with steps or you want to maintain a very open look to your outdoor space.

2. Improve a simple wood deck with shading

(Google Fiber Office, by Grimshaw Architects)

This wonderfully simplistic deck may look basic at first glance, but the addition of artistic umbrella shades instantly gives it a modern feel without detracting from the deck itself. Typical patio umbrellas aren't always an attractive option, but installing semi-permanent extended shades like these will give people a break from the summer sun and help protect the deck. The addition of railing around the deck help divide this area from the rest of the space.

3. Rooftop deck with glass rails give a bird’s eye view

(Penthouse flat with rooftop terrace, by POPO GmbH, photo by Thilo Müller Photodesign)

Rooftop decks exude modernity and are also surprisingly versatile. The featured deck is a penthouse roof terrace, but it is possible to replicate this look on any flat roofed building or residential home. A wood roof deck helps save space and gives a unique birds' eye view of the surrounding area, making it perfect to see anything from urban skylines to an ocean view. Modern furniture and nearly invisible glass safety rails are the finishing touch to make this deck a chic space for entertaining.

4. Natural wood decking is inviting and relaxing

(Showroom, by Studio 3001)

There is something about a unstained light wood deck that is exceptionally inviting and the above showroom is a perfect example. Modern wood decks don't need to necessarily be striking in appearance or design to make an impact. This deck is made of Kebony Character, which offers a naturalistic, organic look due to the heavier grain and natural knots present in the boards. Though Kebony does not require surface treatment, if you wish to maintain this brown-toned color you can seal the surface. Otherwise this deck will weather to a lovely silver shade over time.

5. Refined terraced wood deck matches homes

(Sommerhus, a private residence)

This impressive summer house no only has a terraced deck, but Kebony was also used for the siding. This matching look is very refined and helps this home blend in perfectly with the seaside surrounding. By allowing the Kebony to age naturally the homeowners now have a gray-toned home the sits amongst the rocky hillside and boulders beautifully. The use of Kebony also helps the longest lifespan possible since this a naturally wet region being so close to water.

6. Elegant silvered deck with V shaped contrast

(Residential deck, a private residence)

This residential deck looks incredibly elegant, both in part to the perfectly silvered Kebony wood and the V shaped corner. Creating contrast in a deck can be done by playing with board patterns rather than by resorting to stains and paints. This V shape also helps this deck look a bit larger than it is, despite the boards being horizontal. Allowed to age naturally, this deck is also an excellent example of just how appealing the silvery-gray patina is, especially in combination with white decor.

7. Multipurpose decks combine play space and seating

(Margarinfabrikken Kindergarden, by NAV A.S Arkitekter)

Part deck and part playground, this expansive space made of Kebony is located within a kindergarten. Despite being created as a play area for kids, the overall idea of mixing multiple terraces, ramps, and different levels really makes this a unique takes on modern wood decking. The shape of your deck is only limited by your own creativity and can be designed to fit whatever needs you need to fulfill. This particular deck also reminds that Kebony is an excellent material to use for decks that will be used by children as it is smooth and non-toxic.

8. Alternating boards and a touch of stone

(Residential deck "The Sound of Music", by Mareiner Holz)

This medium sized deck has a rich chocolate tone, which is offset even more by the addition of stone as well as a tree the deck was built around. This deck has a couple terraces down to ground level, with an alternating board pattern on the main deck which helps to divide the spaces visually. While this deck is fairly new and hasn't yet begun to age, it is possible to treat this deck when it still looks new to maintain that chocolate tone. This deck is overall very attractive, combining a traditional horizontal board deck with some more modern touches.

9. Shades of gray make a wood deck seem upscale

(Villa with pool and 5 terraces, by Hanne Holsted, photo by Kathrine Sørgård)

Wood decks are so often associated with a typical brown color that the natural silver of weathered Kebony makes it particularly eye-catching. This villa has a few small decks and terraces, but in this portion you can see just how much effort has been put into its design. The deck itself and the planter are both made of Kebony. The deck has a border around it which really gives it a high-end finish, particularly when combined with the glass and metal safety rail. Making this very modern space complete is minimalistic gray and white toned furniture and even an outdoor lamp.

10. Take advantage of natural shade

(Private Terrace, photo by Salih Usta)

The idea of working with what you have allows you to create incredibly useful deck spaces, such as the one featured above. This home's yard has a few substantial trees that some may have decided to cut down. Instead of cutting out natural shade just to use umbrellas, this homeowner created a cozy, shaded nook by building a deck around them. This terraced effect means you have open space to entertain on the main deck while having a small, private area for relaxing under the trees.

11. Vertical boards and minimalistic furniture

(ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group's rooftop deck, photo by Salih Usta)

This fairly basic deck veers from traditional by using a traditional staggered board placement vertically instead of horizontally. This trick works well for long decks that you want to look wider. The staggered board placement is a nice touch from the typical single length board placement so common in vertical deck patterns. The addition of interesting modern, minimalist furniture is the perfect finishing touch to this elevated deck space.

12. Unique decking patterns make an impression

(National Sailing Academy & Events Centre, by Ellis Williams Architects)

Unique decking patterns can be a lot of fun to play with and the end result can be a very custom finish. The above deck has a very unique pattern, similar to herringbone in design. The alternating placement of the boards gives this deck a lot of texture and helps make it seem more expansive. The use of Kebony Clear allows the pattern to speak for itself and there is some natural variance in tones which looks very attractive overall. The vertical wood railing surrounding the deck is more substantial choice than a glass rail, but its height doesn't impede the view of the surroundings.

13. Attention to detail pays off

(Private Terrace, a private residence)

This quaint terrace is universally attractive with a horizontal board placement. The addition of glass safety panels give it a touch of modernity while the Kebony railing ties it all together. The lack of a gap between the glass and the top rail matching the deck really gives this space a luxury feel and allows guests to easily see the surrounding water, even while sitting.

14. Vertical deck board framed with a border

(Jack & Jones Campus, by Bay Arch, photo by Kristian Juul Pedersen)

This campus deck is a wonderful example of how vertical borders help to elongate a lengthy deck while a border helps to finish the edges. The double board border looks more defined than a single board and also draws the eye out when walking down the deck. The overall shape of this building works very well with this design and the already weathered Kebony boards have a soft gray tone.

15. Cozy private terraced deck

(Private Garden, by Villa Garden, photo by Heidi Hannus)

While there is certainly an appeal for large, expansive decks, there is no reason you can't maintain a modern look in a smaller space. The featured example shows how the use of terraces and defined borders make a smaller deck seem larger than it actually is. The horizontal Kebony boards are present throughout, in addition to a paved section near the planters. The white pergola adds a charming touch, without looking too rustic.

16. Chic modern cabin with a matching deck

(Summer Cabin with Ocean View, photo by Ketil Ring)

This attractive summer cabin looks light and open, and the additional of an attached Kebony deck, siding and roofing only adds to its appeal. This Kebony deck and roof have weathered to a wonderful patina together and blends very nicely into the surrounding greenery. The deck also has an extension out which makes it very inviting to walk up to this home as well as offering solid footing when unpacking the car. The lack of a railing is fine for this deck and really helps allow a perfect view of the surrounding landscape.

17. Curved decks create visual interest

(Fiskars office)

The in-ground deck is clearly growing in popularity, but many of them tend to be your typical square or rectangular shape. The above outdoor deck at Fiskars shows that you can play around with deck shape with in-ground decks just as you would traditional decks. Attached to the covered area is a Kebony deck with an interesting curved shape to it. This is very pleasing to the eye and also serves as a great way to showcase some container plants. Adding visual interest to your deck in this manner rarely disappoints.

As you can see, there are an unlimited number of ways you can create a modern wood deck, from the most simplistic platform to a complicated terraced design. By using Kebony you can rest assured that your wood deck will last for years with minimal care, allowing you to focus on enjoying this space rather than worrying about maintaining it.