The top 100 architecture firm blogs you should be following

Top Architecture Firm Blogs

The top 100 architecture firm blogs you should be following


Do a search for “Architecture blog” and you’ll get roughly 237 million results. Forgive our slang, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Luckily, here at Kebony, we’ve sought out the top architecture firm blogs and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on who’s the cream of the crop. We’re bringing you the best of the best - each of these firm’s blogs have amazing articles, the most beautiful inspiration and top-notch writing. We’ve included an intro for each to help you determine which fits your interests best, but you’re sure to find great content on any of these awe-inspiring blogs.

1. Loving Robertson

Highlighting the intersection of outdoor space and architectural design, Loving Robertson’s blog focuses on landscape architecture. With tips on using both front and back yard spaces in new ways, articles on both plants and architectural features, and more, this blog is a great resource for architecture and nature enthusiasts.

2. Okerstrom Lang

An award winning landscape architecture firm, the Okerstrom Lang blog focuses on their completed projects, detailing the process for design and completion. For those looking for more technical inspiration or guidance, this blog has a lot of guidance to offer.

3. Axis Architecture+ Interior

With more than two decades in the business and highly qualified architects running it, Axis has proudly completed numerous AIA award-winning projects and the blogs are a testament to this. “Bold designs and clean lines” is how they have titled their crafts. This blog presents a great platform for emerging architects.

4. Ayers Saint Gross

Ayers Saint Gross is said to have its eyes on the prize. This blog concentrates on all things sustainable in architecture including green initiatives, designs and  accomplishments. It does a great job of representing the efforts of this employee-owned design firm and provides an informative and entertaining read.

5. Baxt Ingui

The “before and after” segments of this blog are a real treat and a great source of inspiration. The Baxt Ingui blog has shares design ideas and success stories that serve as a great resource for both interior and exterior projects.

6. Ben Herzog Architect

Though a versatile firm, Ben Herzog Architect specializes in residential renovations, additions and office build outs. It is also known for transforming historic homes into sleek, modern buildings. Plus, they don’t shy away from highlighting setbacks to learn from, making their blog a refreshing read.

7. Beyer Blinder Belle

These designs and architecture solutions boast contemporary themes and new technology. In line with this, the blog provides a range of categories renovation, preservation and sustainable solutions that are user-friendly. Their efforts have helped them win many design and interior awards.

8. Bijou Properties

Bijou Properties prides itself on achieving luxury while at the same time keeping it green. Larry Bijou believes that sustainable living, refined detail and commitment to Hoboken are paramount in his buildings. Their “stories” section provides many interesting reads and really highlights their commitment and ability to couple environmental efficiency with great design and construction.

9. BKSK Architects

Beauty and sustainability are intertwined in BKSK’s modern creations. The blog is visually pleasing as it displays the pinnacle of excellence they have achieved in projects, whether it is interior or exterior design. This New York Times recognized firm catalogs a range of experiences throughout their blog.

10. Board & Vellum

Board & Vellum’s blog offers lot of practical advice for those in pursuit of finding the right architect, in addition to great design insight. Their mention here is well-deserved for the quality of their content and also allowing readers to get to know their team of architects on a more personal level through their posts.

11. Christner

For half a century now, the team at Christner has been turning optimistic prospects into happy and satisfied customers. The way the blog has presents Christner’s projects and team members shows that they really know what they are doing.

12. Cicada

Cicada offers a wide range of architectural services which are adaptive to the changing needs of clients over time. As per the blog, the firm has transformed educational, art and culture based facilities in the community into cost-effective and energy efficient establishments. Their blog, SPAN, is is thoughtful and thorough regarding projects they’ve tackled.

13. Cuningham

Cuningham has a firm conviction that each building they create is a celebration of a story. Every milestone of the company is recorded in the blog making it an entertaining and remarkably educational read.

14. D&B Engineers and Architects

D&B’s priority to disaster recovery is what sets it apart from many architecture and design firms. The work they did in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is one of their more prominent and meaningful projects. This blog focuses more on notifying readers of their collaborations with the NYCHA, the achievement of honor and ongoing projects.

15. David Heide

The variety designs architect, David Heide, has created is remarkable to say the least. Be inspired through the many project pictures he displays as well as helpful commentary from both him and his clients.

16. David Hertz EAIA

David Hertz EAIA has taken on many different initiatives that are cataloged on this blog. Through concise posts, learn about contemporary design concepts and innovations, like atmospheric water generation.

17. Design Collective

This award achieving firm addresses each of its projects with a holistic approach through various perspectives. For almost 40 years, projects of Design Collective have successfully exceeded the clients’ expectations. Their blog is extensive and detailed concerning how they got things done.

18. Dirtworks

Dirtworks’ blog is brief as can be so you avoid the possibility of a monotonous read. Learn about stunning landscape architecture initiatives and achievements through written word, photographs and videos. This is landscape architecture at it’s finest, from the perspective of an incredibly accomplished firm.

19. EDG

EDG flourishes due to its ability to modify anything without losing its core authenticity. EDG, responsible for Hangar 7, has also shined in the hospitality sector which most architecture firms neglect. The blog welcomes us to read because of the irresistible designs and on-point trend spotlights.

20. Environ

Environ’s blog stands out by offering more than most with tips on workplace branding, culture preservation and more. Environ uses their architectural solutions to speak for itself and encapsulate bold meaning. The casual mood of the blog conveys information in an entertaining, yet very professional, manner.

21. Fifield Piaker Elman

Fifield Piaker Elman (FPE) is a New York State Association of Architects recognized firm, thanks to their determination to deliver satisfaction to their clients through modern and historic architecture. FPE’s blog showcases great pictures of their designs with full, yet curt, storied descriptions.

22. GGLO

GGLO has been ameliorating relations between clients and properties for 30 years with more than 70 design awards to acknowledge their art. Their blogs are intricately structured tracing each and every step of the way with graphs and stats alongside. The blog has chucked in some tips for clients as well, making it a good source for readers.

23. GWWO

With GWWO’s experience spanning more than 40 years, they have built numerous evocative

and inspirational designs. Their detailed blog is a great source for building and design tips and allows readers to interact with their group by providing a comment box for any inquiries or remarks. Also GWWO’s career platform is always seeking the best and brightest of candidates, making it a tool for a wide range of interests!

24. HGA

HGA believes that sustainability is the criterion each architecture and design project must fulfill. Since 1953, HGA has already been honored with more than 300 national and local design awards and recognized by AIA of Minnesota! The content of the blog is fascinating and regularly update, making this an especially good one to follow.

25. Hickok Cole

Hickok Cole is comfortable with working on anything at all, be it contemporary or historic. Their blog articles are well categorized making it easy to find the topics that are of greatest interest to you. Clean and simple content of the best quality.

26. HLW

HLW fits smoothly into any mold and assist with all types of style, design and concept. Each and every idea of the client is dealt with a unique approach. Their blog is loaded with great content - interesting topics, illuminating perspectives and lots of pictures. A good one for a professional audience to bookmark.

27. Hoerr Schaudt

Chances are, if you live in Chicago, Hoerr Schaudt is already a part of your life and you don’t even realize it. With so many amazing urban projects under their belt, this blog is a perfect one to tune into if metropolitan landscape and lifestyle is your thing.

28. James Merrell Architects         

Take a journey through the mind of an architect and learn the meaning behind each design with James Merrell’s blog. Addressing relevant topics, like how modern architecture and traditional architecture differentiate our lifestyle, but written in a way that captures the passion this group has for their work. In one word: artful.

29. Kuhn Riddle Architects

Kuhn Riddle Architects uses their blog to talk about their projects ranging from pro bono work to institutional designs. A good blog to follow for approach and design understanding. And although I’ve never met any of these people, they definitely seem like a fun group which makes this blog that much more enjoyable.

30. Land Design

The land design blog uses the insights of landscape architects, civil engineers, planners and urban designers who administer their projects. Their blog is divided into three categories including culture, ideas and news. It is a great read for industry updates and landscape architecture know-how.

31. Together We Play

As a firm that focuses on the playground industry, their blog stresses that play time is as important as STEM learning. Together We Play focuses on their smart play concept and believe that great things start on the playground. With this blog, they narrate ways to improve the future of children, including leading a healthy lifestyle, with the help of informed guest posts.

32. LHB

This is a firm that creates designs with elegance and helps create vibrant communities. The blog follows the company mantra and provides insights on landscape architecture, interior design and other engineering aspects. They also have an enviable list of contributors who provide well thought out and interesting articles.

33. MJS Landscape Architecture

Here’s a group that proves work life can be as much about work as it is about having fun. Great for visual learners who want to see accomplishments in landscape design in additional to getting glimpses of what a successful work environment looks like.

34. MKSK Studios

MKSK Studios is a successful design firm with a large number of awards cementing their abilities. Their blog is slightly different in it’s approach and provides architecture news along with their projects and initiatives. A bit offbeat in their approach, but definitely worth a read.

35. Murdok Solon Architects

Murdok Solon Architects is a multifaceted firm that hits everything from exterior modern to interior fashion. Their blog is a great model of that, showcasing projects, lending design advice and picking the minds of industry professionals.

36. NFOE

NFOE is a company that is committed to client success through technical assistance along with client services. The blog covers things like design development, pre design steps, schematic design ideas and more. Their one stop business approach extends to their blogs and it’s a good resource to understand their work and approach.

37. OLC Designs

As design experts on health and wellness facilities, their blog touches upon the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle in addition to how to create the right environment to promote such. They help create the best designs while integrating client suggestions and ideas in the process. A good read for both architectural and lifestyle interests

38. Perkins+Will

This blog is perfect read if you value the environment that surrounds you and interested in protecting, maintaining and improving it. They work on environmental friendly designs  and build up strategies to spread awareness on such topics. They envision a green world and each blog posts illustrates this vision in a creative and informative manner.

39. CallisonRTKL

With a group of highly skilled team members and global presence, Callison RTKL can take on any sort of project. Similarly, the blog, covers all aspects of architecture ranging from project design to execution. It’s a great architecture blog to follow as the posts are incredibly well thought out and cover thought provoking and innovative aspects of design.

40. Schmidt Design Group

This design group believes in connecting people with places using architecture. Their blog is in sync with their motto “positive change by design,” and does a good job narrating their journey in accomplishing this. Along with their experiences, the blog also highlights their intent to incorporate sustainability in design solutions.

41. Shelter Architecture

This company provides architecture solutions for both commercial and residential properties. With this blog you will learn, among other things, how beautiful environments can help shape your growth trajectory and lead to overall success. They also highlight how important sustainability and inclusiveness are in architectural design.

42. Shive Hattery Architecture+Engineering

Shive Hattery Architecture+Engineering prides itself on extraordinary client services that make customers feel like family. Each of their blog post discusses unconventional architecture ideas and is a great blog to follow for creative, out of the box ideas.

43. Sikora Wells Appel

As a firm with a strong belief that our surroundings can greatly affect the quality of our lives, this blog features beautiful landscapes and environments they’ve created through their designs. Their approach is very realistic and the various awards and recognitions they achieved over the years are a proof of their success and ability to make productive change.

44. SOSH Architects

SOSH Architects predominantly works on hospitality projects. They have helped build various gaming floors, swimming pools, lounges and many more projects. This blog provides an overview on everything they are doing with really great pictures!

45. Stanev Potts Architects

This blog is full of posts on the projects of the brilliant architects at Stanev Potts Architects, including journals and consulting services. With their impressive work portfolio and documentation, each lends professional insight on different challenges.

46. Studio ST

Studio ST is a firm run by women who have created a wide range of various designs, resulting in a stellar record, earning lots of great feedback from clients. Their posts are a reflection of their work and explore unique topics, like the relationship of the human psyche and physical structures, in a holistic and in-depth manner.

47. Ideaswa

Ideaswa is a refreshingly different blog in the industry and it does a good job highlighting the efforts and initiatives of SWA Group. This blog by SWA Group is an extension of the social value they provide through architecture. This blog continues to captivate its audience with talk of innovation, bold designs and various socially responsible pursuits.

48. Terra Ferma Landscapes

Terra Ferma Landscapes is a landscape design-build firm that does it’s work in the California Bay area. Their work has been featured many times in the press over the years and their blog is a great source of landscape architecture and outdoor planning content, especially if you live in a place similar to California in terms of climate. With it’s great design and quality content, this is one blog that you do not want to miss.

49. Terrain Planning

“In designing outdoor spaces, we find it’s easier to work with nature than against it.” With special emphasis on adopting environmentally friendly practices into their designs, Terrain Planning is an informative landscape and outdoor planning blog. Based in New Hampshire, their content also covers legal issues such as gaining permits and navigating the regulations of the state.

50. Hacker Architects

This blog is the quintessential stop for all readers of architecture. Glancing through the content, you’ll notice that they cover a variety of amusing topics. Whether you’re looking to read on design, education, community or sustainability; rest assured that this blog will provide you with detailed, quality content. Furthermore, this blog can be a great source of inspiration as it contains pictures of a variety of builds such as libraries, workplaces, residential buildings and more.

51. Bannett Buzz

Focusing mostly on commercial construction, this blog features a lot of informative content. As the content is based on the work done by The Bannett Group, readers can gain insight into design, construction and renovation, management, safety and more. The company has been working for more than 50 years, so you can be sure to learn a lot of things by visiting this blog.

52. The Turett Collaborative

With its minimalist design and artsy content, this New York based blog is definitely for those who like to read about innovative designs and modern concepts. With articles on everything from tropical modernism and design element suggestions like unique flora, this is a one of kind blog.

53. WATG

The stunning pictures of the company’s projects alone are enough to make this WATG favorite among readers. WATG has been responsible for designing countless high profile hotels and resorts throughout the world, and their blog features a diverse set of topics such as design, interiors, landscape, strategic planning and more.

54. ZH Architects

ZH Architects are no strangers to accolades and awards, which. in our opinion, have been diligently earned. Their work mainly centres around a concept called a passive house, which is based on a set of goals that try to lower the energy needs of the house to become more environmentally friendly. Innovative and environmentally friendly, ZH Architects’ work may be a window into the architecture of the future.

55. SERA

Focusing on architecture based on principles of sustainability and community, this is a great hub of knowledge for those seeking education. On SERA’s website, you will find content on sustainable architecture, historical renovation, interior design and community oriented projects such as helping the homeless and creating active public spaces.

56. Gettliffe Architecture

Based in Colorado, this humble firm paints a picture with its blog of the local design and construction culture. The website also features a section called the ‘ArtNook’, which feature paintings, photography, sculptures and more that are displayed in the GA studio. Not as high profile as some of the other blogs around, but a pleasant read nonetheless.

57. Liz Lake Associates

With over 30 years of experience in landscape architecture, Liz Lake Associates boast a holistic approach in their methods. Their portfolio includes a variety of projects ranging from gardens and estates to retail and commercial buildings. Furthermore, their blog, along with usual content, also features short interviews with prominent architects.

58. Segal Shuart

Motivated by the principle that great spaces encourage people to spend time outdoors, Segal Shuart has accomplished quite a bit in its relatively short time as a firm. Since its inception in 2014 the firm has won multiple awards including a preservation award given by the California Preservation Foundation for the rehabilitation of a historic public park. The blog contains many examples of the work the firm has done in its short lifespan.

59. RD Architecture

RD Architecture focuses mostly on residential projects for individuals and families, and bases the design on green building practices. The firm is also skilled at remodelling 20th century homes and claims that it considers the future while respecting the past when designing a project in order to give the house a sense of timelessness. Examples of remodelled houses and the firm’s sustainable practices can be found on this blog.

60. ESKW Architecture

ESKW offers a range of services such as architectural design, historic renovation, landscape design, interior design and rehabilitation. One can read up on many of the awards ESKW has received on their blog. Furthermore, the blog also contains updates on many of their projects, much of which provides great insight into construction and rehabilitation.

61. Arterra Landscape Architects

Arterra is an experienced landscape architecture firm, specialising in contemporary and sustainable design. This blog contains educational content on landscape architecture such as garden geometries and sustainable wood and is great for anyone who wants to gain insight into the field.

62. BASE Landscape

Although a humble firm that works with local builders and craftspeople and aims to make an impact in the community, BASE Landscape is no stranger to recognition and press. BASE has a collection of awards from the Northern California Chapter of the American Society of Landscape architects. Their blog features pleasant recollections and photos of their projects and community outreach events.

63. LandPatterns

With a warm layout and entertaining articles, LandPatterns does well to attract readers and prospects through its blog. The pictures they provide of their past projects are indicative of the three decades of experience under their belt. The articles are simple yet effective if you’re in pursuit of finding the perfect landscape design style and features for your property.  

64. Matthew Murrey

This residential landscape design firm specialises in creating breathtaking gardens and has received ‘the best of houzz 2017’ award as well as recognition from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Although based in Dallas, the firm has completed projects throughout the United States. The projects uploaded on their website look sophisticated and timeless, and each garden tells a story of its own. Stumble upon more ideas and inspirations for your outdoor space than you ever thought possible.

65. Good Earth Inc

Also based in Dallas, this 40 year in practice firm offers range of services from landscaping and lighting design to irrigation and even drone photography. The blog contains much information on the firm’s services and has a simple layout which proves user-friendly. It’s no surprise that Good Earth Inc has become a staple in its community.

66. Talley Associates

From urban planning and public spaces to hospitals and schools, this firm is no joke when it comes to big projects. Comprised of senior design professionals who have much experience with projects of various complexities, the firm prides itself on its simplicity, as well as a strong understanding of spatial relationships. It’s blog features architecture news concerning the area of Dallas.

67. Absolutely Bushed Landscaping

This family owned company has been working locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 35 years. Along with the usual set of services offered by landscape design companies, they also offer a unique service called ‘Petscaping’. The company’s ‘blog’ doesn’t contain any articles, but the extensive photo gallery is great for those seeking inspiration.

68. Keane Landscaping

Keane Landscaping’s blog is well written, colorful and vastly informative. From useful landscaping tips to the latest landscaping trends, this is a great blog geared towards the client or the landscape design enthusiast. Keane Landscaping’s blog also contains a lot of information on sustainable design such as rainwater harvesting and building with the right materials.

69. Meeks Design

Having completed projects in 27 states over the last two and half decades, Meeks Design Group is an accomplished landscape architecture firm to say the least. Summaries of their past projects, as well as pictures of the attractive designs, can be found on the blog.

70. Interstice Architects

This San Francisco based company specializes in integrated architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Artsy and innovative, this firm’s work is a reflection of the southern Californian architecture culture, that’s displayed with confidence on their blog.

71. OCB

OCB focuses on landscape architecture and urban design, and calls itself a “nationally recognized leader in the shift towards a more sustainable future”. They are involved in a broad range of work, but the emphasis is on sustainable and innovative design. The blog isn’t very lengthy but the content and layout of each post is so well done that we mention it in hopes of sparking more activity.

72. Hart Howerton

Having worked all around the world, Hart Howerton’s blog can offer something quite unique to its readers. The blog contains the latest news on the company’s exploits and would be a great read for designers wanting to get more exposure and learn about the business. Also, the pictures and layout of the website are very appealing and thought provoking.

73. Marta Fry Landscape Architects

This firm’s philosophy is to create timeless spaces and living environments, approaching each project from a sustainable and minimalistic perspective. They have gained a significant collection of awards and honors over the years and that is very much indicative of the excellence of their work. Although not extensive, their news section is definitely worth a read.

74. Stephens Design Studio

Stephens Design Studio is a San Francisco based landscape architecture and outdoor planning studio. Their portfolio ranges from high end residential spaces to public parks as well as commercial projects. There website does not contain any articles, but the pictures which they have show the studio’s preference for a simple and elegant aesthetic that are fun and easy to scrool through.

75. Reynolds Sebastiani

Reynolds Sebastiani is a small firm working in the California bay area, offering outdoor landscape and interior design services. Their blog features many articles giving “tips and tricks” relevant for maintaining gardens and outdoor spaces. With simple writing and informative content, this blog is great for customers and garden design enthusiasts.

76. Shades of Green

Elegant and cosy, there is something very appealing about this California firm’s design style. They are environmentally friendly and very much in touch with the spaces that they design. Filled with pictures of their diverse range of projects, the blog is gold mine for those looking for inspiration when it comes to landscape architecture and outdoor design.

77. Pedersen Associates

Winners of the Best of Houzz award for four consecutive years, Pedersen Associates is a Landscape Architecture firm from Northern California. They strongly believe in environmental responsibility and have a collection of green certifications. Their blog is updated frequently and features a lot of content on gardens and flowers.

78. LPA

LPA’s blog is full of educational content, whether you are looking for information relevant to corporate facilities, athletic spaces, sustainable design and more. LPA’s work is very diverse, from landscape architecture master planning to civil and structural engineering. The firm has a history going back more than five decades and has managed to attain more than 700 major design awards in that time.

79. Terrain

Based in New York City, this award winning landscape architecture firm’s designs are seamlessly integrated into their urban based environment. With ecological and social contexts of the environment at the heart of their designs, Terrain’s projects are nothing short of stunning. This is a blog that anyone would enjoy exploring, whether you are a student, an architect, or just an environmentally conscious landscape enthusiast.

80. Mark K Morrison

With more than 30 years in the business, Mark K Morrison Landscape Architecture has implemented projects throughout the world. The Boston and New York based firm’s recent green roof project was featured in the Wall Street Journal. The blog contains great content on environmentally sustainable design and urban projects in which the firm has been involved.

81. Bohler Engineering

This NYC based firm offers a wide set of services including land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, transportation services, NYC permitting and more. In April 2017, Bohler engineering was recognized by Best Companies Group as the number one employer in New York City. Keeping track of the blog will not only keep you updated with the events and news of the company, but also let you know when they are hiring and going on talent acquisition tours, information which can be greatly valuable.

82. Tamate Landscaping

Heavily influenced by asian landscape architecture and design, this company combines asian aesthetics with native plants, stone and wood of the bay area to create beautiful landscape designs. The unique integration of cultures makes this a worthwhile blog for anyone interested in beautiful outdoor designs.

83. The Sharper Cut

The Sharper Cut is a small company that provides designs and builds outdoor structures, pools, sports courts and landscapes in the Upper Marlboro area in Maryland. Their blog regularly posts about plants and the optimal time and regions in which to plant them. The blog is thorough when it comes to information about those plants and also contains other article that educate regular people on the nuances of outdoor design, a well executed, informative and fun blog.

84. Ruhl Walker Architects

Ruhl Walker Architects specializes in houses, lofts, renovations and interior design. Their designs are sleek and elegant, presenting a warm yet modern aesthetic. The articles and the plethora of pictures on their blog are pleasant and relaxing to look at and are sure to leave you inspired.

85. Eck MacNeely Architects

The ‘Eck’ in Eck MacNeely refers to Jeremiah Eck, a partner at the firm who is a former lecturer at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. The firm mainly specializes in residential and institutional architecture, and says that integrated sustainability has been its approach since the early days. Although great for anyone, this blog should be a priority for those who focus on interiors design and institutional projects.

86. Array Architects

Focused on healthcare architecture, Array Architects does not offer the usual range of services. For four decades, they have been designing healthcare facilities such as surgery centers and emergency departments. Although the firm specializes in healthcare architecture, there is a wider range of knowledge to be gained from reading their blog, including topics such as interior design, technology, licensure, design approach and many other topics.

87. Joseph Kennard

With aims to be attentive to and efficient with environmental resources, Joseph Kennard Architects is an innovative firm involved in many contemporary design projects. It’s been recognized by countless architecture associations and journals since its inception in 1999, and has recently designed a home rated at a HERS index of 6, making it 94 percent more energy efficient than the HERS efficient reference home. Their blog focuses on energy efficient building and their portfolio has a collection of designs great for those seeking inspiration.

88. RFA Architects

Although RFA Architects are also involved in commercial and residential projects, the firm is renowned for its work in veterinary hospital architecture and shelter design. The firm has worked in nearly every state in the US, as well as places abroad, over the last three decades of its existence. A unique blog, it is not only useful for those interested in veterinary architecture but also for those looking to gain a broader understanding of the field of architecture.

89. CBI Consulting

A firm which deals with architecture, engineering and historical restoration, CBI Consulting runs quite an extensive blog. The articles are placed into one of the many subcategories, making it easier to navigate through the gold mine of information. Topics include structural engineering, historical restoration, interior design, sustainable design, building codes and countless others.

90. Kripper Studio

This firm, based in Boston, has received much coverage in the Boston press. They are a full service architecture and interior design firm, and work on a range of projects. Amir Kripper, the founder of the firm, has served as an instructor at many colleges and universities, the most notable being Harvard and Columbia. The blog mainly posts latest news about Kripper Studio and Amir Kripper, and is geared towards those who want to stay updated on the firm’s pursuits and activities.

91. J.Schwartz Design

This firm has received the Best of Houzz Service award in 2015 and 2016, and their blog is a strong continuation of their commitment to servicing their prospects and clients. It’s a great source of knowledge for residential architecture and interior design tips and advice. Furthermore, their website also displays case studies featuring different types of residential homes. Overall, an interesting and educational blog.

92. OZ Architecture

With over 50 years experience in the field, OZ Architecture is a truly established firm, offering a broad set of services. Their blog features news of their awards and visions, the culture of their company, and insight into the way they do business. It’s a great resource for those involved in the industry.

93. ArcWest Architects

Get a glimpse at all the wonderful projects and spaces the team at ArcWest Architects have created and improved. The firm offers full service design and architecture, and their experience in a wide range of building types is shown on the blog. Industrial design, construction, restaurants, green design; whatever it is, this blog is likely to have you covered.

94. BRS Architecture

This firm has an awards and recognitions list so large that it took us a while just to scroll over it all, but it’s very clear that this Denver based firm’s work is worthy of those recognitions. Their blog features innovative content, such as using virtual reality as a tool for design and client engagement, and is an entertaining read for those interested in the integration of new technology and architecture.

95. Tomecek Studio

Innovative and environmentally responsible, Tomecek Studio is an accomplished group that won 4 different AIA awards in 2016 alone. This firm strongly believes in academic exploration and as such, you’ll find a lot of educational content on their blog. Furthermore, they also have an ‘Architectural Research’ section on their website, which delves into sustainable architecture and other cutting edge and interesting topics.

96. JNS Design

Johnson Nathan Strohe is a 23 year old firm which specializes in residential housing, hospitality and interior design. They’ve built many impressive hotels over the years and collected 27 awards. Their blog is creative and entertaining, and they also have a monthly email newsletter cleverly named PB & JNS.

97. The Denver Architect

The Denver Architect is a blog run by architecture firm ‘GMH By Design’, covering all things architecture related to the Denver city area. This blog is focused towards helping customers navigate home design and architecture, featuring articles like “5 renovations for under $5000” and “Home Improvement - Common Remodel Mistakes”. A useful and enjoyable read overall.

98. Gensler

A vibrant and colorful blog, full of entertaining as well as educational content. Gensler’s blog is vast, with articles sorted under four different categories: Urban Planning, Lifestyle, Workplace, and Design Forecast. The content covers technology, lifestyle, and society, making this a worthy choice for our list.

99. Studio Red Architects

Studio Red Architects has received many noteworthy recognitions, such as winning the AIA Houston Firm of the Year in 2015 and also being named “one of the most influential firms in Houston” by Bisnow. They focus on commercial architecture and interior design, while emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and integration. Their blog keeps the readers updated on all the firm’s latest news and projects.

100. Kirksey Architecture

An award winning, environmentally responsible firm that is involved in implementing a wide range of building types, Kirksey is a big name in the field. The blog mostly features news concerning the firm; however, there are a number of articles that delve into sustainable building and offsetting our carbon footprint.