5 wooden roofs that will make you rethink your shingles

wood roofs

5 wooden roofs that will make you rethink your shingles


There is something incredibly charming about wooden roofs, but many homeowners shy from the idea out of fear of high maintenance needs. Thankfully Kebony has the perfect real wood material to use for wooden roofs, due to its reduced care requirements and increased durability compared to traditional wood shingles.

Here are five different Kebony roofs that might just make you want to replace your dingy, dated shingles with something new.

Unique vertically overlapped boards

(Valley Villa, by Arches)

This delightful villa features a smooth modern look using long Kebony boards. The angles and dimensions are certainly eye-catching and would be a great choice for your home’s roof. The use of long-length boards helps maintain a low-maintenance roof and is a more wind-resistant alternative to typical small shingles. Keep in mind that if you do really love a more traditional wood shingle roof, this is still completely possible with Kebony. This material can be cut and installed in nearly any pattern or design imaginable.

Perfectly silvered sleek roof with modern look

(Award-winning beach homes, by WAM Design)

This pair of modern, contemporary beach homes match one another and feature a seamless roof to wall look. Completely clad in Kebony, roof and wall, these beach homes are immediately striking in that they have an incredible silvered patina. At first you may think this is a stain or weathering technique, but actually this is simply how Kebony wood natural ages. The silver look fits in perfectly being beachside and this roof will surely hold up to strong winds and harsh salty spray. How long it will take a Kebony roof to gain this patina is dependent upon regional factors, though the consistent sun exposure of a roof versus siding means the roof may silver slightly faster than siding.

Natural wood roof blends with surrounding buildings

(Farmhouse 2.0, by LINK Arkitekture, photo by Hundven-Clements Photography)

Similarly to the beach houses, this renovated farmhouse has a very modern look as well. Vertical Kebony board siding with vertical roofing really makes this house look substantial and tall in size. The addition of tall windows and a skylight only add to this effect. This roof is still a natural wood color which looks very beautiful alongside the other home and buildings. While a Kebony roof does not need special surface treatments, you can apply them if you wish to maintain this original color (i.e. prevent the silver patina from forming). In fact, you can conceivably surface treat the roof at any aging stage to "lock in" that color so to speak. If you want no silvering, treat the roof right after installation. If you want just a slight silver, wait and surface treat when the wood naturally reaches this point.

Minimalist clad roof tough enough for harsh regions

(Rabot Tourist Cabin, by Jarmund/Vigsnæs, photo by Svein Arne Brygfjeld / Jan Inge Larsen)

A Kebony wood roof is a surprisingly good choice for harsh regions that get snow. The reason being that Kebony is more durable and water-resistant than regular wood and other shingle materials. Another advantage is the smooth nature of Kebony coupled with the longboard design  featured above mean snow will easily slip off the building. Traditional shingles roofs may have a more difficult time easily shedding snow. A lack of overhanging eaves and overall simple roof design mean less concern of snow damage to the roof and building without sacrificing beauty.

Light and bright angled roof with skylights

(Summer Cabin with Ocean View, photo by Ketil Ring)

This airy summer cabin is perfectly outfitted with Kebony wood, including an inviting deck that matches the roof. The roof is a creative twist on a hip and valley roof, complete with geometric skylights to bring even more light into the home. As you can see, wood roofs are ideal for any number of roof designs and the use of boards instead of shingles doesn't limit the visual appeal.

Kebony is an excellent material for roofing and there are no limits to how creative you can get with design. Due to its easy care and stunning appearance, a real wood roof easily makes it to the top of the list of home renovations.