Applications of Kebony Wood

Kebony is the only sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood when beauty and performance are essential.

Suitable for interior and exterior applications, Kebony is available in clear and character grade. After exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina. Performance is maintained while beauty is enhanced.

Proven in the below applications:

Terrace: Kebony's real-wood terrace decking is an eco-alternative to tropical hardwood with increased durability and a beautiful look.

Cladding & facade: The Kebony technology improves dimensional stability and aesthetics crucial for timber facades.

Pier & harbour: Kebony wooden pier decks have been proven in harsh waterfront environments.

Promenade: Kebony is the logical choice for promenades, boardwalks and beach walks due to its outstanding durability and hardness.

Roof: Kebony's improved stability and durability make it the best choice for long-lasting timber roofing.

Windows: With a 30 year warranty against rot, Kebony is the ideal choice for window frames.

Indoor Floor: The improved hardness and low maintenance of Kebony wood makes it the perfect choice for durable flooring.

Furniture: Clear grade Kebony products are homogeneously treated and can be adapted to your furniture and storage designs for indoor and outdoor application.

Doors: The dimensional stability and aesthetics of Kebony lend itself suitable for internal and external doors.

Structural Lumber: Kebony technology improves stiffness and hardness which is crucial for any stable and durable construction or building project.

Design Projects: Designers chose Kebony as an superior material for innovative and sustainable design projects. Its brown colour is important in the refined look and feel.

Yacht Decking: Kebony has the performance and beauty of the very best teak which makes it a great choice for boat decking.