Kebony - Awards won and nominated since 2010


Getting recognised for superior quality wood, sustainable wood solutions and outstanding architecture and design projects

There’s nothing like being appreciated for doing a good job. We strive for excellence in all areas and have won accolades for the quality and value that our work stands for. We are an environment-friendly wood suppliers and emphasize the importance of superior quality wood, thus ensuring the supply of sustainable and durable wood solutions.

Getting appreciated has been a humbling experience and these awards have inspired us to continue giving our best to ensure great products and services for our clients. These awards speak for the quality of our work and our commitment to quality.

Kebony specializes in supplying sustainable wood solutions in the form of timber for different kinds of projects: residentail or private, commercial, public, landscape and marine. Popular applications are decking (outdoor terrace, promenade, boardwalk, pier indoor floors) and cladding such as facades and outdoor installations such as roofing, fencing, noise barriers, windows, structural lumber and many more.

The environmentally-friendly wood and quality consciousness has led Kebony to be recognized for its work and enabled to win a series of awards including the Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum, Best Business Award, Global Cleantech 100 Award (multiple times in a row), Architectural Products Award, WAN Awards, Ethical Corporations Award, Best of the Year Interior Decoration Award, and many more.