Ethical guidelines

The company’s employees and other representatives shall comply with laws and regulations, and also pursue their work in accordance with fair business conduct, the company’s values and its ethical guidelines.

Kebony’s ethical guidelines are an important tool contributing to safe, loyal and responsible conduct throughout the company. Kebony values an honest and open dialogue regarding questions and issues covered by the ethical guidelines.

If employees or other representatives of Kebony become aware of conduct which does not comply with laws, regulations or guidelines, including the ethical guidelines, the person must inform his or her superior manager, the executive management in Kebony or any board member of Kebony. Kebony has established separate guidelines for whistleblowing, something which is required by Norwegian law.

1. Personal conduct

  • All employees and other representatives of Kebony shall act with respect and integrity in all interaction with business relations, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders of the Company. Kebony has no tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or other conduct, which can be deemed threatening or degrading.
  • Kebony’s objective is to be an attractive employer with an inclusive corporate culture. The company works to create good working conditions, safe work environment, diversity and gender equality.

2. Conflicts of interest

  • Employees and other representatives of Kebony must not seek to obtain any personal or financial benefit for himself or herself (or a close relative) which is illegal or could damage Kebony’s interests.
  • Employees in Kebony shall act with loyalty towards the company and in full compliance with their signed agreements regarding competition, secrecy and confidentiality.
  • Employees and other representatives must notify their immediate superior manager in case of any direct or indirect material interest they might have in any transaction/agreement entered into by a company in the group.
  • Senior executives and board directors shall similarly notify the Board of any direct or indirect material interest they might have in any such transaction/agreement, or if they have been made aware of employees with material interest in any such transaction/agreement.

3. Bribes, gifts and benefits 

  • Kebony employees and other representatives shall not by virtue of his or her position, offer, promise, request, demand or accept improper gifts or other benefits to or from anyone to achieve commercial privileges. Gifts or benefits which are of insignificant value can be accepted. If in doubt, one should always consult with the immediate superior manager.
  • The same applies to all invitations, travel or participation in events with suppliers and other business partners without the approval of the nearest superior manager.

4. Competition 
Kebony and its employees and other representatives shall not cause any violations of competition rules and shall ensure that the competition law in force at any time is adhered to.

5. Sanctions for violations of the ethical guidelines 
Conduct in violation of the ethical guidelines could have major negative consequences for Kebony and thus such violations will be pursued. For employees, this entails warnings – verbal or in writing, and in serious cases dismissal.

6. Review and Update
The overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of Kebony shall be reviewed and updated at least once a year with the aim to steadily improve and seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsible behaviour across the organisation and all its trading partners.