Boost Your Home's Value with a Deck Designed for High ROI

deck return on investment

Boost Your Home's Value with a Deck Designed for High ROI


One of the toughest decisions homeowners face is figuring out which home improvement projects they should pursue. The key is picking projects with a high return on investment (ROI)  rather than simply guessing what might be important to potential homebuyers in the future.

Taking time to consider the cost of a project vs. the impact it will have on the resale value of your home is important. if you think you might sell your house at some point in the future. You want to be sure you will eventually recoup your invested cost of any remodel, renovation or small improvement. Take decks for example, which have been right up at the top of the list of high ROI home improvements for well over a decade.

Decks are often a win-win project for homeowners, since you'll get plenty of enjoyment from your new addition and you'll boost your property value at the same time.

Classic Wood Decks Still Win

deck return on investment(Summer Cabin, photo by Ketil Ring)

A significant factor that will determine how high of an ROI your deck will have isn't necessarily the size or extravagance of it, but instead its construction material. There is certainly no shortage of decking material options on the market today. Composite decking quickly rose in popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s, however there’s been a solid movement over the past 10 years trending back to real wood. Homeowners are seeking real, authentic materials that add character, which has landed wood in the seat of most favorable decking material.

The classic wood deck is, in many homeowners' opinions, more attractive and welcoming compared to composite. Few composites can achieve a true wood grain appearance and the lower cost options tend to look very fake and plastic. Higher quality composites can look very nice, but remain rather expensive. Plus composite decking is known for getting uncomfortably hot in the summer, making it difficult to walk on, unlike real wood decking which keeps its cool much better.

Aside from the appeal of real wood, cost is a big factor to consider. Typically a well-made wood deck will cost less than a composite deck, resulting in a higher return after the home is sold. Some homeowners still resort to composites out of fear of the high maintenance needs of standard wood decks, not realizing that there is an alternative on the market that exceeds both standard pressure treated wood and composites.

Modified Wood Adds More Value

(Residential Deck, by Mareiner Holz)

The solution to concerns about standard wood and composites is modified wood.

Modified wood is a real wood product so it naturally checks all the boxes for homeowners that love the natural look and classic beauty of a wood deck. The modification process of this material increases its density, improving the original wood's durability and moisture resistance. The end result is a super tough decking material that requires hardly any maintenance.

In terms of expense, modified wood will be priced higher than pressure-treated wood, but in most cases still more affordable than exotic or high-end hardwoods. Composite prices vary widely between brands, though on average you'll find modified wood to be comparable, particularly when comparing advantages of the latter.

Although a modified wood deck might cost a bit more than a standard wood deck, you still get the appeal of real wood and the low-maintenance nature of this advanced material is really going to appeal to future homeowners.

The Ultimate Wood Deck

Kebony is a modified wood that is smooth, attractive and ages to a stunning silver patina naturally over time. Better yet, the only maintenance Kebony requires is occasional cleaning with water and a brush. Unlike standard wood, Kebony does not require any type of surface treatment (i.e. paints or stains) to keep it looking its best. The highly water-resistant nature of modified wood also makes it perfect for decking that extends around pools and water features as well.

This eco-friendly, non-toxic material is safe for your family and pets, and because of its extreme hardness, is a splinter-free wood decking choice. So when looking to build a new deck, or replace an existing one, to increase your home’s value, consider Kebony as a smart investment.