5 Decking Design Ideas to Enhance Your Hotels' Experience

5 Decking Design Ideas to Enhance Your Hotels' Experience

5 Decking Design Ideas to Enhance Your Hotels' Experience


The purpose of many hotels is to provide a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for guests. Often times so much effort is focused on the interior of the hotel that the exterior is neglected. However, if maximizing guests’ overall experience is part of the mission then maximizing usable space on your property and providing an outdoor escape for visitors should be a priority.

Whether your hotel is being newly constructed or you're simply looking for ways to renovate your existing property, here are 5 beautiful ideas to enhance your hotel’s outdoor space.

1. Spacious pool deck lets the views speak for themselves

(Torre de Palma Wine Hotel, by João Mendes Ribeiro, photo by Eduardo Nascimento)

The addition of a pool adds an instant attraction for guests. To give your hotel an even more luxurious ambiance, skip the tile or cement and go for wood decking around your pool.

Typically wood and water don't mix, but by using modified wood you can get the appeal of real wood without the problems. Modified wood is a waterproof decking option that performs perfectly as pool decking. Modified wood is also kind on bare feet as it's splinter-free and doesn't absorb heat from the sun so it remains cool underfoot.

This featured pool gives a spa-like feel thanks to the sleek modified wood deck. The simplistic landscaping and lack of visual barricades let guests enjoy their surroundings. Consider this approach if your hotel has stunning scenery, just like this winery in Portugal.

2. Provide private nooks around the property for guests to relax

(Elbstrand Resort, by Gerkens Garten- und Landschaftsbau, photo by Rene Sievert)

Elbstrand Resort in Germany is a modern, charming hotel and spa. Located in the Elbe region, the properties surrounding this hotel are heavily landscaped and quite stunning from a naturalistic perspective.

You can further promote a sense of sanctuary and quietness by adding small decks throughout the outskirts of your hotel. This particular spot offers an intimate, secluded area for guests to get away and relax peacefully .

The elevated deck platform is made of modified wood, which enhances the warm, welcoming feel of this spot. Being placed over the edge of water adds more of a sense of tranquility. Adding small, private decks like this requires little effort yet makes a large impact for guests.

3. Sleek glass railings give wood balconies modern appeal

(Kebony Clear Balconies at Atlantic View Lodges, by The Bazeley Partnership, photo by Layton Bennett)

Balcony and deck railings are necessary for the safety of guests, but they also offer a chance to add style to your hotel. The Atlantic View Lodges is clad in a combination of wood and stone. The balconies on the second-story are made of Kebony Clear modified wood. The use of sleek glass railings works beautifully with wood, giving it modern rather than rustic appearance. The use of glass railings also enhances the view by minimizing visual obstructions.

Attention to detail on even the most simplistic elements, shows guests that you care and are committed to providing the best and finest atmosphere for their stay. It’s something that certainly does not go unnoticed.

4. Expansive natural deck ideal for daily use and events

(Kragerø Resort & Spa Hotel, by Lund Hagem Arkitekter)

Replacing planted landscaping with modified wood outdoor flooring is a great idea for very large hotels or resorts. The design of this deck at the Kragero Resort and Spa Hotel is quite extensive and highly versatile.

A large outdoor floored space like this is much easier to maintain than a landscaped garden and provides a lot more functionality to hotels and guests. This area will be used on a daily basis for dining, visiting and relaxing, but it also is an ideal area for hosting events. If your hotel is looking to grow business opportunities, consider adding an outdoor area and event space.

5. Give life to unused spaces with a rooftop deck

(ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group's rooftop deck, photo by Salih Usta)

An unused rooftop is truly a missed opportunity. Rooftop’s are the perfect place to create a secluded space for guests to enjoy a bird’s eye view for the area. This rooftop deck is located at an office's headquarters, but can quite easily be adapted for a hotel.

The modified wood decking is sleek looking and neutral, allowing you to include really any style of furniture. The addition of planters and shrubs bring a touch of greenery and earthiness, keeping the deck from looking too industrial and cold.

Rooftop decks are always a popular spot for guests and many times easier to design than you'd anticipate.

Kebony modified wood is an ideal material for hotel decks. This real wood product offers the beauty of a wood without the high-maintenance needs, making it perfect for busy hotels. Modified wood easily handles heavy foot traffic and can be used as outdoor flooring, decking, docking, and furniture.

For more information on Kebony modified wood decking, contact a representative.