The Apollo Apartments: A Showcase of Modern Apartment Complex Design

The Apollo Apartments: A Showcase of Modern Apartment Complex Design

The Apollo Apartments: A Showcase of Modern Apartment Complex Design


The Apollo Apartments is a truly stunning example of modern apartment complex design.

Situated in the epicenter of Washington D.C.'s H Street, The Apollo Apartment building is located on the site of the original Apollo Theater. Carrying on the history of the original building, Apollo Apartments combines elements of new and old when it comes to its architecture and overall theme.

Architects interested in unique, modern building design will find this complex to be a showcase of inspiring ideas.

Elements of Modern Apartment Complex Design

Modern architecture can be incredibly diverse, but there are a number of common characteristics that you'll find.

Some of the most common design elements you'll spot in modern complexes include -

Choice of Materials

The heavy use of metal, concrete, glass, wood and other basic building materials. Often times you'll find that the beauty of modern architecture comes from fairly bare materials that feel more alive than something artificial, such as vinyl, plastic or composites.

Crispness of Building Lines

Modern architecture values strong, clean lines. You'll find many modern apartments to have a very stark contrast between vertical and horizontal faces on the exterior. Often you'll also see flat roofs. Decorative and curved lines certainly aren't as common, though they aren't to be avoided completely.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Modern architecture is often quite minimalist in design. It isn't overly ornamented, but rather evokes deep beauty from simple and carefully curated elements.

What is interesting to note about the Apollo Apartments as a modern structure is that it’s really more on the contemporary-modern side of the spectrum than strictly modern. This is most apparent in the lines of the exterior and what extra elements were included.

The Apollo building does have strong lines structurally, but it isn't as minimalist in design as others. This adds to the individuality and charm of this complex, inviting residents that appreciate modern architecture but that also enjoy the appeal and individuality of art deco design.

When it comes to material use, the Apollo is built with a combination of glass, metal/steel, concrete, and wood. Despite much of the siding being brick, the addition of more modern materials adds to its appearance rather than detracts.

While not immediately apparent, there is actually quite a lot of wood present in the architecture of the Apollo.

Incorporating Wood in Modern Architecture

Despite modern being synonymous with innovation and cutting edge designs, wood remains a commonly used material regardless of how traditional it may seem. Wood has life and warmth to it that often pairs well in contrast to the overuse of concrete, steel, and other cold materials.

The Apollo Apartments has wood throughout its design, with its decks and rooftop really taking the spotlight. Wood is always an excellent choice for outdoor settings, but more important than the look of the wood is the type of wood chosen.

As we mentioned before, the most successful modern designs have only been accomplished through careful consideration of what materials to use. If you’re designing simply with minimal elements, than it’s exceedingly important that every element be the best choice to bring your design to life.

Part of the beauty in this simplicity is ease of care. If the property owner needs to do tasking labor and maintenance, trust us, the beauty will quickly fade from their perspective. Wood is one material that can take a lot of work to maintain, so make sure you’re selecting the right wood that will help you avoid this.

Modified wood, like Kebony, is likely the best choice for modern architecture. It’s simple in appearance which showcases the natural beauty of the real wood. Plus it’s not inundated with harmful chemicals that detract from the emotional integrity and environmental responsibility of the wood. It’s hardness and durability characteristics means you can leave it be. Surface treatments are purely optional and when left alone they will eventually age to a stunning silvery-gray patina.

You’ll find a stunning example of what can be accomplished with Kebony on the rooftop deck of the Apollo Apartments.

Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces for Tenants

The rooftop of the Apollo is fully outfitted with Kebony modified wood, along with touches of stone paving, metal lattice work and charming outdoor lights. Being moisture-resistant, modified wood can run right alongside pools or planted spaced without fear of performance downfalls.

Outdoor spaces are an integral part of any modern apartment complex. Apartment residents will enjoy having these areas to relax, sunbathe and entertain guests. Potential residents will also be more likely to choose a complex with outdoor spaces than those that only offer small balconies with limited use.

The Apollo Apartments is a truly beautiful example of a creative approach to modern apartment complex design. It proves that not every modern design has to be cookie-cutter identical to one another, but rather can have quite a bit of character.

For more information on the use of modified wood in apartment design, like the decking, benches and pergola of the Apollo, contact a representative at Kebony.