Modern Board and Batten Siding: A Beautiful Alternative to Traditional Siding

Modern Board and Batten Siding: A Beautiful Alternative to Traditional Siding

There are countless siding options to choose from for a home’s exterior. One classic style of siding that remains popular is board and batten siding. This siding can give any home a beautiful, rustic look without very much work.

While it has remained a popular siding style over the years, the original board and batten siding has been replaced with a newer, more modern board and batten siding. Here are some of the great benefits to consider when it comes to this unique kind of siding.

An Attractive Siding


First and foremost, there is no denying that board and batten siding is an attractive siding option. The long, vertical slats create an added sense of height in a home, making it look taller and grander.

Board and batten siding is also popular due to the various material options available. While there is still the choice of the traditional kind of board and batten siding, there is also vinyl and modified wood options, which allow homes to be more customized to the homeowner’s style. Beyond that, with a wide range of colors available in these different kinds of siding, there is no shortage of design possibilities.

More Reliable Option

Another benefit of modern board and batten siding is how reliable it is. With the way this kind siding layers, it creates a secure barrier for the home, protecting it from the outside world, including things like rain, wind, dust, and insects.

The newer material options for board and batten siding, it has become an even more reliable and durable option that lasts years before it needs replacing. These newer material options also make maintaining board and batten siding much easier compared to the traditional materials.

Regardless, any type of board and batten siding is incredibly strong and reliable and will protect the home for many years, especially if properly maintained.

An Affordable Siding


Board and batten siding is also considered a reasonably affordable siding option. As mentioned before, different materials are used for board and batten siding, allowing there to be a wide range of pricing options, depending on what is chosen. Pricing will change based on whether aluminum, wood, vinyl, or another style is used for the siding option.

Fortunately, however, many companies that sell modern board and batten siding offer various financing options that help to make the siding even more affordable.

Versatile in Design Options

Board and batten siding is also an extremely versatile siding option to consider. Unlike some siding options, board and batten siding does not have a single right way to place it. Although it is most common for board and batten siding to be put in a vertical style, it does not have to be vertical. Another style option for board and batten siding is to lay it horizontally along the home or to combine it with another kind of siding.

It all depends on how you want the home to look. A simple switch in how the siding is placed can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the home’s exterior.

Easy to Install

Modern board and batten siding is one style of siding that is incredibly easy to install. Of course, how easy it is to install can depend on what material for the board and batten siding is used. Some may be a bit more difficult than the others, but, in general, they are all relatively easy to install without too much hassle.

Like with anything, there is also always the option of getting help to make sure that installation goes quickly and smoothly, so there is no worry of things going wrong.

Easy to Replace Panels


Like with any kind of siding, board and batten siding gets worn down over time and needs replacing. Just as modern board and batten siding is easy to install, it is also incredibly easy to replace it.

With board and batten siding, there is no need to remove the siding from the entire home. The damaged panel can easily be removed without disturbing the rest, and a new board can be put up in its place. This ease of replacing panels also means that homeowners will spend less on maintaining the siding over time.

There are plenty of different siding options, and there is no doubt that they each have their own appeal. But, modern board and batten siding is a special one, that combines a classic look with modern finishes. It makes for a unique and beautiful siding option that comes with countless benefits, including being very attractive, affordable, and reliable.

Board and batten siding is an option that will last for years and look good on any style of home, with the countless design options available. Homeowners are sure to love the final results that come with board and batten siding.