Kebony Character shiplap K75 smooth w/shadow line

21 x 148 mm

Kebony Character products are produced from FSC® certified Scots Pine modified with a bio-based liquid.

he patented Kebony technology permanently alters the wood cell structure to give a unique wood product with outstanding durability and no maintenance needs beyond normal cleaning.

Kebony Character products contain knots and untreated heartwood. The amount of heartwood will vary from board to board.

Kebony Character er produsert fra FSC™ sertifisert Pinus Sylvestris, som er behandlet med et biobasert, fornybart innsatsstoff.

The Kebony technology gives the wood a deep rich brown colour. After exposure to sun and rain, the wood will develop a natural silver-grey patina. Natural colour and grain variations will be visible both upon delivery and after installation. This will not influence the performance and durability of the wood.

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