Birdwatching tower
Herdla, Norway

Birdwatching tower

© Anders E. Johnsson

On the very tip of Askøy, an island north of Bergen, you find Herdla, an area representing typical agricultural landscapes. The wide and open grasslands, surrounded by shallow sea and sweet water ponds, have become the perfect spot for birds to rest and nest, attracting birdwatchers from all over the world.

Located close to the ponds and the beach, the steel and wood tower rises seven meters above the field. The concrete basement is hosting a pumping-station which functions as a draining facility for the agricultural fields as well as leveling the water in the ponds. Outside, on the ground floor, an amphi for sitting has been established, together with a footpath creating accessibility for wheelchairs to the tower.

The amphi and the footpath are surrounded by a wall to the west, protecting the space from wind. The tower has two public floors; an accessible lower -and a top floor, which is accessed by a spiral stair at the center of the tower. As a way of hiding the visitors from the birds, both floors are cantilevering, also creating shadow and weather protection for the birdwatchers. Kebony Character cladding was chosen for its durability and environmental credentials.

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