Elbstrand Resort
Gerkens Garten- und Landschaftsbau
Krautsand, Germany

Elbstrand Resort

© Rene Sievert

Modern architecture and hanseatic charm are the key ingredients of the Elbstrand resort. Located on the peninsula of Krautsand, it offers the ideal premises to fall in love with the Elbe region. This resort provides a hotel, apartments, spa and a restaurant. The 24 large bedrooms are custom-made using high-end materials which are preserved in warm and natural shades.

Kebony Clear wood was used in several applications for the exterior elements of this resort; the cladding, the privacy shields, the terrace and some of the outdoor furniture. Kebony wood is particularly well suited for weather resistant facades and nearly indestructible terrace boards. Alongside its various application possibilities, it offers a harmonious and aesthetic look.

Garden and Landscaping firm, Jörn Gerkens, was responsible for building the terrace while Klöpferholz delivered the Kebony wood to the Hasselbring construction centre. Heinz Toborg, a wood specialist convinced by Kebony explained: “its look, guaranteed long life and technical properties are outstanding. I really recommended this top product.”

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