Farmhouse 2.0
LINK Arkitektur
Fredrikstad, Norway

Farmhouse 2.0

© Hundven-Clements Photography

Inspired by the original 19th Century design, a rundown farmhouse on the east side of the River Glomma - Norway’s longest and largest river - has been brought into the 21st Century by LINK architects.

The design was heavily influenced by traditional gable-roofed farmhouses with the new-build intending to modernise the antiquated aesthetic in a minimalistic manner. The beautiful setting was also paramount to the design and inspired the openness of the building’s sides facing the old garden. Glass and aluminium have been used extensively throughout. Both the roof and façade of the extension are clad with Kebony, chosen by the architects as it helped maintain the traditional style of the original farmhouse.                                                         

Martin Ebert, LINK Arkitektur's lead architect on the project commented: “This project has been fascinating to work on with the traditional Scandinavian design style interwoven with modern architectural elements. The Kebony cladding is a really exciting way to keep traditional architecture alive without the negative environmental impact associated with hardwood deforestation.”

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