Helgeland Kraft Power Plant
Stein Hamre Arkitekter
Mosjøen, Norway

Helgeland Kraft Power Plant

© Bjørn Leirvik

The Øvre Forsland power station by Helgeland Kraft has been designed to tell the story of its location and to educate about power production by allowing visitors to experience the production of hydraulic electricity at various points throughout the process. From the nearby bridge, the powerful water flow that drives the turbines can be seen emerging from the station and the heart of the plant and the inner workings are exposed through an opening. This reveals the light design of the interior - inspired by the mystery of the Northern Lights.

The team from Stein Hamre arkitektkontor said: “The plant has been designed to reflect the characteristics of the landscape, which is located on the river bed in a clearing at the edge of a spruce forest. The main inspiration for the design was the verticality and the irregularity of the spruce trees. The Kebony wood will acquire a grey patina gradually over time as it interacts with the elements. The durability and low-maintenance of the wood lends itself to remote locations.”

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