Pre-fab home made sustainable
Billingstad, Norway

Pre-fab home made sustainable

© Martin Palven

Tone Bekkestad is a presenter, speaker and consultant with a keen focus on environmental and climate issues. She and her husband wanted to create a home that was in tune with their lifestyle and commitment to environmentalism. The result was an attractive, functionalist style building that incorporates nature into the design and - thanks to durable materials – is able to stand up to the most testing weather conditions.

The newly built functionalist house accommodates two floors with large glass walls that offer a panoramic experience of nature. The facade cladding, as well as the surrounding decking makes use of Kebony Character - a choice that fits well with the couple's requirements for both durability and minimal maintenance. "The wood is currently deep brown but will eventually change colour and become a beautiful silvery-grey, without us ever needing to repaint or apply treatments", says Tone Bekkestad.

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