Waldorf School
LINK Arkitektur
Fredrikstad, Norway

Waldorf School

© Jiri Havran

LINK Arkitektur created a distinctive modern building with Kebony facade, which draws on the angular design style of traditional anthroposophical architecture. The classrooms are strikingly non-uniform, with an interesting pentagonal shape and impressive high ceilings. The design of communal areas continues this aesthetic, with large windows in bold colours along every wall. Engraved above each window is text from Goethe’s Faust, written in Morse code; this is a homage to the history of Waldorf-schools as "Faust" is integral in Rudolf Steiner's interpretation of modern learning and human growth.

Martin Ebert, lead architect at Link Arkitektur commented “The creative freedom which the school encourages has carried through to our design, allowing us to make bold creative decisions which have led to an architecture that embodies the principles of an education that focuses on seeing pupils as children instead of students. We’ve focused on the natural setting of rocks, running water and forest and incorporated this into the design of the project, using natural construction materials and Kebony cladding so that the buildings appear to be a continuation of the woodland.”

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