Improve your restaurant with modified wood siding

restaurant with modified wood siding

Improve your restaurant with modified wood siding


Every restaurateur understands the significance of creating an atmosphere that enhances the overall experience of their restaurant for their patrons. Going out for a meal is often a social event and often times the ambience of the restaurant is just as impactful as the food itself. A beautifully designed interior will be remembered, but don't forget how important the face of your business is.

Restaurant exterior design is often put on the backburner while more focus is spent on interior design. While a restaurant exterior doesn't need to be extremely flashy or extravagant, it is important that the design reflect the business and the type of patron you'd like to attract. Remember, the exterior of your restaurant is what the public will gain their first impression of your establishment from.

The foundation of your restaurant's exterior is the siding. Not only does siding protect the building from the elements, but it also plays a significant role in the overall look of the building. Choosing a quality material that is beautiful as well as strong is important, and modified wood siding is a superior choice.

Durability and Resilience

The primary purpose of siding or cladding is protection. A beautiful siding is hardly worth installing if it isn't able to adequately protect the building. Modified wood siding is incredibly durable, thanks to the process it has gone through during manufacturing.

Traditional wood siding is strong, but is weak to moisture, pest damage, and certain region-specific factors (i.e. salt air on coasts). Modified wood siding is real wood, not a composite or a processed product, but has both thermally and chemically impregnated to enhance density. Kebony modified wood has been treated with a non-toxic bio-based liquid to make the wood cell walls swell and then dried under high temperatures. This process thickens the wood cell walls permanently, giving them the characteristics of most durable hardwoods. The end product is super dense and strong lumber, on par with tropical hardwoods, but 100% sustainable.

The density of the finished product is why modified wood is so strong. The increased size of the cells wall within the wood and overall hardness make it very difficult for moisture to cause damage. The density also makes this material unappealing to insect or wildlife pest damage. Modified wood is highly resilient to weather damage, regardless of climate or region.

 Simple Maintenance Needs

There are two main benefits to the low maintenance needs of modified wood siding. The first is that the less time you need to devote to caring for the the building, the more time and money can be spent on the business itself. The second benefit is that reduced maintenance needs means no further investment in your siding after installation. Many timber materials require regular painting and oiling, which may add up to a large amount of money in the long run.

Modified wood siding is a very low-maintenance material compared to traditional wood, but also is fairly easy to care for than alternative materials as well. With modified wood you don't need to deal with sealing, staining or painting. The only thing you will need to do is keep the siding clean. This can be done the same tools you'd use to clean any siding. Usually an annual deep clean is recommended, but any dirt or algae growth should be cleaned off as you see it.

The main cause of damage to siding is neglect, meaning the building wasn't care for properly to prevent issues from arising. Since modified wood siding is so durable and low-maintenance, it is also extremely long-lasting. This siding needs such little care to look beautiful and protect the building that it will outlast many other wood sidings, vinyls or composites. 

Versatility in Creative Building Design

Modified wood is incredibly versatile when it comes to design. Regardless of your current building design or your plans for a future building, modified wood can be used. Since this is a real wood product it is easy to work with and allows for amazing creativity.

Kebony modified wood comes in two types - Character and Clear. Kebony Character offers the traditional wood look with natural knots. Kebony Clear has a smooth, knot-free surface and can also be machined just as any other hardwood material. Both of these can also be further treated with specialized techniques, such as Shou Sugi Ban, which is a Japanese technique of charring the surface of the wood.

The natural look of modified wood, especially as it develops a beautiful silver-gray patina after exposure to sun and rain over time, is ideal for any type of building. You can achieve a both a traditional look or a rustic one, or go a completely different route with an artistic modern shape. The Onda Restaurant featured above is just one example of how stunning modified wood siding is for any style of building.

Modified wood’s versatility isn’t confined to buildings, either; it can also be used to create furnishings and decking as well. As seen in this photo below, it’s possible to use Kebony’s modified wood to create a cohesive look throughout an area by using it to build everything from the deck to the furniture to the plant holders. And all of these items will get the same benefits of durability, resilience, and low maintenance care. This allows you to achieve the look you want more easily for your restaurant, both inside and out.

Get Creative with Furnishings

Create your own benches, tables, and seating arrangements as well as bar tops and decorative displays. Using the same material throughout one area helps give a unified look that can pull your entire design together and make your restaurant come to life. And because modified wood is cut, shaped, and utilized just like other forms of wood, what you can create with it for your decor is limited only by your imagination. 

Despite a wide array of siding types on the market, there is no denying that modified wood siding is right at the top of the list. You get the beautiful look of real wood without the maintenance and an incredible durability without resorting to cold inorganic materials. Regardless of your style of restaurant or how else you decide to design the exterior, modified wood siding is the ideal blank canvas to protect your business.