18 Wood Window Frame Designs to Upgrade Your Exterior

18 Wood Window Frame Designs to Upgrade Your Exterior

18 Wood Window Frame Designs to Upgrade Your Exterior


When it comes to exterior design, it's often the details that make the most difference in appearance. An important detail to consider is the trim around your windows. Window framing is important for function as well as beauty. High-quality framing ensures that air leaks won't occur and moisture will be kept at bay. Well-designed framing will also add curb appeal to the building.

Wood is a traditional material used in window framing and trim, but is often looked over in favor of vinyl. This is due to standard wood being vulnerable to moisture and requiring the building/homeowner to re-apply surface treatments every few years. The solution is to use modified wood.

Modified wood makes for exceptionally attractive and very long-lasting framing. Best of all it requires no surface treatments and only occasional cleaning if it becomes dirty. Kebony offers their line of modified wood in both Character and Clear, depending on how much contrast in the wood pattern you'd like to have.

If you're looking to upgrade the exterior of your building, consider installing new wood window framing. Here are 18 examples of handsome wood window frames to spark ideas for your own project.

1. Matching Wood Window and Door Framing for a Cohesive Look

(Villa with Kebony windows, by Vermund+Gere Arkitekter, photo by Johnny Gere)

A trick to making an entryway look larger and more open is to surround glass doors with windows. Using matching wood framing around the windows and the doors will pull the look together, giving it uniformity. This trick is useful for renovating existing exteriors.

2. Add Dimension to a Building with Bump-Up Window Surrounds

(Havenvigen Townhouses, by Arkiteme Architects, photo by Niels Nygaard)

These charming townhouses would look fairly plain if it wasn't for the wood wall coverings framing the windows. Window frames aren't always about the trim around the glass panels, but also include decorative woodwork that enhances overall appeal.

3. Framing Glassless Windows with Louvered Panels

(B.E. & W.R. Miller BuildLab, by Professor Rocco Ceo AIA, photo by Jim Adamson)

Open-air buildings are a trendy approach to architecture and despite a lack of glass windows, there are still plenty of opportunities to do creative framing. The BuildLab is a great example of louvered window and door panels. These louvered frames increase air flow and allow plenty of natural light to be let in.

4. Make Recessed Windows Pop with Contrasting Colors


Playing with color is a great way to make your windows pop. This home for example is clad in a dark Shou Sugi Ban Kebony siding, which make the light cedar tone of the wood window frame really stand out in a stunning way.

5. Diffuse Light and Add Privacy with Louvered Window Frame Covers

(The Wharf, by Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, photo by Sean O'Rourke Photography)

Looking for a window framing solution for a glass storefront? Louvered window frames placed over windows is a beautiful and functional choice. Using this style of frame will diffuse light and reduce glare, but without preventing natural light from illuminating the interior. Louvered frames also help give a sense of privacy without total seclusion.

6. Creative Window Framing Adds an Artistic Appeal

(Quiet Treehouse, by Blue Forest Luxury Treehouses, photo by Blue Forest / Quiet Mark)

This impressive treehouse is truly a work of art all on its own, but the addition of custom window frames is the perfect finishing touch. Whether the building you're designing is unique or traditional in its form, artistic window frames add something special and memorable to every design.

7. Simplistic Thin Framing Compliment Narrow Windows

(The Invisible House, by Lincoln Miles, photo by Julian Winslow)

This pair of narrow modern windows are perfectly framed with thin, natural modified wood that matches the lower half of the home's siding. When designing a modern or contemporary home, wood window frames can be a great accent.

8. Incorporate Window Framing into a Wall Covering

(The Burke Museum, by Olson Kundig, photo by The Burke Museum)

Window frames aren't limited to a trim border around a glass pane. The Burke Museum exterior has a stunning facade made of glass and wood. Framing the glass in a vertical wood wall covering adds modern style and substance.

9. Traditional Window Frame with Matching Trim Work

(Summer home)

This rustic summer home is clad in Kebony modified wood, including the window frame and trim. Kebony ages over time, eventually developing a gray tone as you can see here. This color is neutral, beautiful, and has the attractive weathered appearance that's so popular in modern exterior design.

10. Installing Window Louvers on Tracks for Function


Modern window frames can be highly functional when combined with a louver design. These slatted wood louver windows cover one half of a recessed window. It's possible to put these louvers on tracks, which will allow a tenant to slide them over to block the sun as needed.

11. Recessed Casement Window with Classic Wood Framing

(Bath house, by Oslotre)

Casement windows are a traditional style of window and look great with wood framing. This casement window has been framed in a chestnut colored wood which compliments the darker Kebony wood siding on this bathhouse.

12. Louvered Window Shades Juxtaposed with Metal Siding

(Urban Hospice, by NORD Architects Copenhagen, photo by Adam Mørk)

This urban hospice care center is clad in an eyecatching gold metal siding which stands in contrast with the Kebony wood window louvers. Wood window frames are very versatile and can help metal siding from appearing too cold.

13. Wood Paneling Brings Attention to Windows

(Statement Window Woodwork, by Kebony, photo by Sindre Ellingsen)

If you're unable to change your window frames, you can still add the beauty of wood through decorative designs. Situated between these two windows is a panel of Kebony modified wood complete with rustic metal fasteners. Over time the Kebony panel will age to a silvery-gray patina, which will blend in perfectly with the gray color scheme of this building while still adding a bit of dimension and intrigue.

14. Vertical Framed Window Shades for Homes

(Valley Villa, by Arches, photo by Arches)

These vertical window shades fit in perfectly with the vertical siding on this home. They are placed over sliding glass doors on this residential villa to allow light in without dealing with extreme glare. It's possible to install this style of vertical shading on existing homes and offers a nice alternative to regular window shades.

15. Bold and Blocky Window Stands Out Despite Being Small


Small windows can end up looking lost on a large wall, but installation of a larger window may not be feasible (i.e. for a small bathroom). A solution to help a small window stand out on its own is to frame it in a bold, thick frame. This technique works really well with square-shaped windows.

16. Recessed Window with Nearly Invisible Framing

(Recessed Window, by Carreg Construction)

Sometimes less is more when it comes to expansive windows. This large window has invisible trim and the recess depth is what really frames the window. Although a trimless design may look unfinished on a flat installation, it often looks quite sleek and attractive on a recessed installation and is given substance next to the modified wood cladding.

17. Open-Air Window with a Rustic Frame Finish

(Trimless Framing, by Henning Kongshavn Frønsdal )

This building is another example of an open-air building with glassless windows. The designer opted to finish the window frames with Kebony wood for a natural, rustic look. Using the same wood as siding on the inside of the frames prevents these open-air windows from looking unfinished.

18. Total Louver Window Frame for Maximum Privacy

(Kebony Louvers, by Blue Fish Construction)

Windows in rooms where privacy is important, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or in this case garage, can benefit from a full louvered shade. This home's sleek gray exterior looks beautiful with the Kebony modified wood louver. The choice of vertical louvers gives the illusion of height, which is an added bonus of this look.

All buildings require window trim for energy-efficiency and preventing air leaks, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative. There are limitless ways of enhancing your exterior through unique and beautiful trim designs. Wood remains a naturally beautiful choice for this purpose, with modified wood being at the top of the list for stability and durability.

Kebony modified wood is a superior choice for any wood window framing or trim. If you're interested in using modified wood for your building, contact a Kebony representative to help you get started.