The Kebony Deck Board Profiles with Deck Layout Options

Board Profiles

  • The double-grooved board profile, or #2637, is the primary board you will need. It will be used where both sides of the board are hidden from view, either because there are boards on both sides or one side is against a part of the structure.
  • The single-groove board profile, or #2638, is used where one side is exposed, such as a board on the perimeter of the deck, a starter board, or the leading edge of a stair tread. There are typically very few of these boards in a project.
  • Review your design to make sure you have enough boards of each profile for your deck layout.


Deck Layouts

  • Speaking of layouts, our Kebony Deck Board will support virtually any type of layout, but some fasteners work best on certain layouts.
  • If your deck is rectangular, we recommend the Step-Clip for Kebony Fastening System because it will cut down on your install time considerably. We recommend using a picture frame layout to conceal the ends of the boards.
  • You can also use feature boards to minimize butt joints. If using feature boards, we recommend securing those boards by face-fastening or using the Pro-Plug System for Kebony. When face-fastening, always pre-drill. 
  • If your deck has curves or custom angles, or you are redecking an existing frame, we recommend using the Fastenator Hidden Clip or Pro Plug System for Kebony. Again, we recommend a picture frame layout to conceal the ends of the boards.
  • Don’t forget that additional framing may be required based on your deck layout.

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