Tools & Equipment Needed to Install a Kebony Deck


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Tools & Equipment

  • A table saw, chop saw, or circular saw with a fine carbide blade
  • A corded or cordless power drill with a carbide drill bit for pre-drilling
  • Shims for leveling the deck
  • A tape measure
  • A 48” or longer level
  • A chalk line or laser level
  • A Non-marring rubber mallet
  • #8 Stainless Steel screws or the Pro Plug System for Kebony. You’ll need them to face-fasten the stairs, starter boards, feature picture frame boards, and end boards.
  • And, of course, a pencil

If you are using Step-Clip for Kebony, you will also need:

  • A 15 degree coil roofing nailer
  • A Utility knife

If you using the Pro Plug System for Kebony, you will also need:

  • The Pro Plug Tool for Wood
  • A water clean-up wood glue that will fit the Pro Plug Glue Nozzle
  • 100-120 Grit Sandpaper
  • A source of compressed air

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