In an NRK article, a researcher from SINTEF was quoted as stating that you add burnable substances to Kebony, isn’t this affecting the flammability of the wood?

Submitted by Manager on Fri, 08/20/2021 - 06:41

This is simply wrong. The statement has now publicly been retracted by SINTEF in an official press release headed “misleading information about Kebony”. The fire properties of Kebony are the same as those for untreated wood. The chemistry we add to Kebony does not increase the flammability. 

We have researched fire properties during the development of the product and the potential impact of the treatment, both in EU and the USA. Kebony is not more easily flammable than untreated wood. The tests that have been carried out also do not provide evidence to claim that fire spreads faster in the material than in untreated wood. We are currently in the process of a comprehensive study for outdoor cladding.