Vad är Kebony?

Vackert trä från Kebony rekommenderas av ledande arkitekter. Träet är hållbart, tåligt och behöver ingen ytterligare behandling utöver normal rengöring. Kebony's prestanda har bevisats i en mängd olika tillämpningar inklusive trallgolv och beklädnad.

Kebony-tekniken är en miljövänlig, patenterad process utvecklad i Norge. En biobaserad vätska ger träets cellstruktur en permanent förändring och dess främsta kännetecken är en djup och fyllig brun färg. Träet finns i Clear (utan kvistar) och Character ( med kvistar ). Allt trä från Kebony erhåller en silvergrå patina efter exponering av väder och vind, prestandan bibehålles medan träet bara blir vackrare.

Med utmärkelser som Technology Pioneer vid World Economic Forum och flera utmärkelser på Global Cleantech 100 har Kebony anammats av ledande arkitekter och utvecklare internationellt och tillhandahålles genom ett globalt försäljnings- och distributionsnät.





Archive House Norway with Kebony cladding
Pictures © Sindre Ellingsen The Archive House embraces environmental design and creative thinking Located in the Innovation Park at Ullandhaug, Stavanger, the Archive House has been imaginatively designed by Lund+Slaatto Architects to provide a 14,000 sq. m. cultural research...
digital marketing for decking contractors
What if you could bring in a steady stream of qualified leads actively looking for a decking contractor? Week in. Week out. On autopilot. With online marketing, this vision is not only attainable but can be accomplished in a relatively short timeframe. Very few decking...
Top Architecture Firm Blogs
Do a search for “Architecture blog” and you’ll get roughly 237 million results. Forgive our slang, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Luckily, here at Kebony, we’ve sought out the top architecture firm blogs and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on who’s the cream of the...
Modified Wood is The Best Option for Your Deck
Modified wood is quickly becoming a premium decking material for residential homes as well as commercial settings. Nearly everyone can appreciate the natural beauty of wood decks, yet many also will agree that the high maintenance associated with them is a main reason for...
landscape architecture trends
Landscape architecture helps to define outdoor spaces, making them not only more user friendly and accessible, but also more aesthetically pleasing as well. More public spaces from city bus stops to waterfront parks are taking the time to hire landscape architects to help them...
Modified Wood Siding vs Vinyl Siding
The way that your siding looks and performs has a tremendous impact on the rest of your property. From curb appeal to protection from the elements, siding has an important role to play on any home. That may be why so many homeowners are constantly searching for the right type of...

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