Samppalinna Pool

Architect Mikko Lemmetti designed this public pool emphasizing wood as a natural building material and the main theme of the pool. Different Kebony wood types were chosen for a variety of applications in order to create an interesting blend. The colour of new Kebony is brown, but it will turn silver-grey over time where exposed to sun and rain.

Kebony Character Terrace on the Island of Malmøya

On the island of Malmøya near Oslo, the owners of this private house have chosen Kebony Character terrace decking.

Their choice was mainly based on Kebony’s durability as well as the elegant and natural look. The large deck was installed in 2012, the video was recorded in 2017.

Kebony Video - Romantic Living

Studio 3001 designed a Kebony terrace with pool exclusively for the magazine "Romantic Living". Both the family and the dog Balu had a lot of fun during photoshooting and filming.
This film shows a newly installed Kebony Clear Terrace. As wood is a natural product, its appearance is changing over time. Kebony develops a silver-grey patina due to sun and rain. For further information, please consult our installation guide and product documentation on

Discover the Kebony clad Valley Villa close to Vilnius, Lithuania

Architectural firm Arches created this modern, eco-friendly villa within close proximity to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Clad in 650m² of sustainable Kebony wood, this unique property has been designed to complement the scenery, with natural timber cladding and irregular pitched roofs, characteristic of the neighbouring surroundings and in harmony with the hillsides and pine trees. 


Introducing the Kebony PRO Team

The Kebony PRO Team is a Norwegian network of local terrace and decking contractors, who attended a training course to get certified for knowledge of Kebony products as well as Kebony installation techniques. Use a Kebony PRO Team installer for the best result!


Sørenga Beach & Boardwalk in Oslo, Norway

Sørenga is an old harbor pier stretching out in the fjord in Bjørvika. Its a major residential and mixed use projects, a part of the Fjordcity project. Approximately 800 dwellings were built offering a fantastic location right on the waterfront. The area is unique as it is surrounded by the fjord on three sides.

Among the facilities are a park and bathing complex, a long harbour promenade with shops, cafés and restaurants and a marina. Kebony character boardwalk was chosen as decking - over time it has developped a natural silver-grey patina.


Building a Residential Deck in Toronto, Canada

Tasked by a young Toronto family to re-imagine their backyard while channeling the feeling of being up north, the talented team at North on Sixty set to work creating their new escape. This video shows building the deck.


Bethany Beach Boardwalk, Delaware, USA

Known for its beautiful beach, the town of Bethany Beach in Delaware is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, family atmosphere along its entire coastline.

The approximately one-mile long and 150-foot wide beach is a wonderful place for families to enjoy a day at the shore. Kebony boardwalk decking was chosen to cover the property's entire boardwalk.


Brian Gurry of American Builder TV has fallen for Kebony decking 

Brain Gurry, a well respected contractor with over 30 years experience and host of the five time Emmy Award winning television series, American Builder, talks about Kebony during an installation for the show.


The Inn at Harbor Shores, Michigan USA

Edgewater Resources, the designer and developer of the project, aimed to create a marina that would be beautiful, but also strong enough to withstand the harsh weather of the Great Lakes coast.

Kebony boardwalk was used for the decking of 68 seasonal docks at the Marina at Harbor Shores of St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. The docks range from 35-40 feet in length and the broadside docking will hold transient vessels up to 200 feet in length.


Channel 4's George Clarkes Amazing Spaces: The Beach Houses in Camber Sands, UK

In this episode, George Clarke visits the award-winning beach houses in Camber Sands, also known as the Kebony houses because of their sustainable timber facade and roof. The material selected for this ambitious project had to be durable and visually complementary to its seaside location.

The architects Walker & Martin wanted to create a seamless continuity in the building’s structure, to echo the natural smoothness of the dunes.The building was designed to have minimum impact on the environment and recycled and sustainable materials were used throughout.


At the Water's Edge Treehouses by Blue Forest, UK

The At the Water’s Edge project consists of a fairy tale inspired treehouse village with an enchanting aesthetic to enthral and amaze children for hours on end. Turreted individually designed treehouses provide kids with their own personal spaces to retreat to via cargo nets and Indiana Jones style rope bridges, while The Lake House, with its private gym, luxury showers and Koi Carp Lake creates a tranquil escape for adults.

Kebony was chosen for the decking throughout the project, both at ground level and for the raised flooring between the treehouses. It was picked both for its beauty and striking natural colour – a rich brown that mellows over time into a more muted silver grey patina, in addition to its robust stability.


GoBoat Marina & Boats Copenhagen, Denmark

The GoBoat terminal is located in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark. The design has strong references to maritime structures and an affinity with the modern developments in the vicinity of the harbour that houses some of the largest Danish architectural works, including the opera house.

The sustainable materials used for the project were also selected to complement and add beauty to the area. Kebony character wood was used for decking, cladding and picnic tables on the boats. The wood evolves with its surroundings to develop a beautiful silver grey patina over time which perfectly complements its maritime setting.


Take a Look into the Kebony Factory in Skien, Norway

Kebony is the sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood and other modified woods. Take a first-hand look into our factory in Skien, Norway, the patented process and some Kebony projects!


Interview with Christian Jebsen, CEO of Kebony

The World Economic Forum recognizes pioneering technology start-ups which provide innovative new solutions to a number of challenges across a broad range of processes, institutions and industries.

Kebony was included into the prestigious list as 2014 Technology Pioneer for its sustainable modification of non-durable woods. As a result of the Kebony® technology, softwoods adopt the properties of the best tropical hardwoods.


The Kebony® Technology Animation Video

The Kebony® technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process which enhances the properties of sustainable softwoods with a bio-based liquid. As a result the wood's cell structure is permanently modified adopting the characteristics of the best tropical hardwood.