What is Kebony?

Kebony is a highly durable, sustainable wood with the aesthetics and performance of the best tropical hardwood. It requires minimum maintenance and brings low life cycle costs.

What is the durability of Kebony?

The durability of Kebony Radiata and Kebony SYP against rot decay conforms to Durability Class 1, the most durable category of the European norm EN 350.

Kebony Scots Pine contains some heartwood, which is untreatable and has therefore durability class 1-2 (only treated sap wood). The heartwood naturally falls within the Durability Class 3.

The Durability Class ensures Kebony has a long life span. Because of its hardness, Kebony will also be more robust against wear than most other wood types.

Is Kebony dimensionally stable?

The Kebony process substantially improves the wood's dimensional stability substantially from the parent wood by 50%.

What are mechanical properties of Kebony?

The bending strength of Kebony is roughly unchanged from the parent wood, while the stiffness is improved by 10-20%. The hardness is typically improved by 30-50% over the parent wood.

What are the physical properties of Kebony?

Kebony is a natural product. Our process alters the wood fibers' ability to hold moisture as a result of cell modification. Kebony has lower moisture content than untreated wood when it is in equilibrium with its surrounding climate. This effect is caused by the formation of the polymer inside the wood fibers. The process also reduces the shrinking and swelling of Kebony compared to the parent wood by 50%. The dimensional stability at moisture variations is therefore vastly improved.

Is Kebony maintenance free?

Kebony wood does not require maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

Is Kebony certified?

Kebony is produced from certified FSC/PEFC woods which are pressure treated with a bio-based liquid derived from sugar or corncob production.

What is Kebony's carbon foot-print compared to other tropical hardwoods?

Kebony has a substantially lower carbon foot print than unsustainably logged tropical hardwoods.

Is Kebony available in different colors?

Kebony wood is delivered in a dark brown color, a result of the Kebony technology, the shade does vary slightly according to the different wood types. Over time if left exposed to the elements all Kebony woods will acquire a silver patina.

Will Kebony turn grey when exposed outside?

Kebony will develop a grey patina over time if exposed to the elements.

Can Kebony be surface treated?

Kebony can be surface treated just as any other hardwoods. We recommend wood oil or water-based acrylic paints.

What fasteners should I use with Kebony products?

We recommend using acid-proof or stainless steel screws or nails on Kebony products.

What is the difference between Kebony and heat treated woods?

Kebony technology is a combination of the infusion of a bio-based liquid and exposure to heat in the excess of 100°C, which permanently thickens up the cell wall of the wood. Thermo-treated timber processes are purely high temperature treatments (170°C - 215°C), which does not alter the cell structure of the timber, but stiffens and makes the cell walls more brittle.

How is Kebony disposed of at the end of its life?

Kebony wood is exempt from EU's biocide directive (76/769/EEC) and can be handled as ordinary wood.

What applications can Kebony be used in?

Kebony can be used both internally and externally in applications which include decking, cladding, flooring, roofing, structural timber, windows, doors, furniture and design objects.

What is the wear and tear on joinery machines?

Kebony should be machined as per a tropical hardwood, which requires running the production line at a slower speed with hardened steel cutting equipment.

Does Kebony come with a warranty?

Kebony can offer a 25* or 30* (*differs by region) year warranty against rot above ground contact. Please check with your local distibutor.

Where is Kebony produced?

Kebony is produced in Norway and sold through international distribution partners.

Who sells Kebony?

See the BUY section on our website.

I would like to receive samples of Kebony, what do I do?

Please send your enquiry to @email or contact your nearest distributor.

I would like to place an order, who do I contact?

Please send your order to @email or contact your nearest distributor.

For licensing and production opportunities, who do I contact?

Please send your enquiry to Christian Jebsen @email ​