Alkyone Rocker Chair
Francis Assadi Design Studio
New York
May 2019

Alkyone Rocker Chair

The Alkyone Rocker, a new modern chair design, was magnificently designed by Francis Assadi Design Studio and is garnering much attention for it's unique and effortless appearance. 

The sea is central to the aesthetic of the Alkyone chair: the flowing curve of its seat is reminiscent of a wave or an ancient Greek ship, while the materials it is made of—Kebony® wood for the base and Avonite Surfaces® for the seat—make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

 “I was looking for a sustainable alternative to teak and what attracted me to Kebony was its process of transforming a renewable softwood into a weather resistant hardwood,” Assadi said. “In addition to its structural strength and durability, I was further struck by the beautiful rich brown of Kebony Clear, which really lends it the look and feel of a tropical hardwood.” 

Assadi’s chair utilizes Kebony in a different way and for a significantly different end product than for what it is generally marketed. A marriage of design and functionality, the seat, made from thermoformed Avonite Surfaces, is molded to comfortably support the body, while the thick Kebony frame provides perfect balance for a smooth rocking motion.

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