Nature pool
Murg, Germany

Nature pool

© Balteschwiler AG / Thomas Wilper, Lorenz Obrist

The municipality of Murg in Germany aims to be an open, family-friendly and innovative place, as well as a vibrant community taking ecological responsibility. With these goals in mind, the city has transformed its ordinary public outdoor pool into a “nature pool” called MuRheNa, with biological water treatment and the use of solar energy.

As one of a kind in this region, the unique and sustainable pool is a real attraction for locals and visitors throughout the summer months. The added novelty this year is that it now encompasses an environmental friendly Kebony Clear decking. Kebony wood was chosen because it fitted perfectly into the spirit of the place. The great advantages of the wood, such as a long lifetime, outskating stability and the detail that it is maintenance free beyond normal cleaning were also important factors which clearly spoke in favour of Kebony. 

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