Villa Circuitus
Simone Kreutzer, Tommy Wesslund
Växjö, Sweden

Villa Circuitus

© Anders Bergön

The Villa Circuitus was built to meet passive house requirements, with strict environmental demands in terms of design and construction materials. Both Simone Kreutzer and Tommy Wesslund are certified passive house experts with special expertise in energy and ventilation, knowledge they brought to the design of their latest project. They were the creative minds behind this project and cooperated with Nina Sandahl from SAJT Arkitektstudio to design the bespoke home, Sweden’s first circular passive house.

Simone Kreutzer commented “We have a passion for making sustainable homes and so we needed to ensure that every element of the house was responsibly sourced. The solar panelled balustrade, the recycled insulation and the striking Kebony cladding all help to realise our vision of a truly sustainable eco-home.”

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