’Wonder Wood’ playground
Rebild, Denmark

’Wonder Wood’ playground

© Simon Jeppesen

Located in the Rebild Municipality, northern Denmark, Skørping School has created an interactive playground made from sustainable Kebony wood. The project was selected as one of the winners in a campaign by Danish Realdania, with an emphasis on encouraging the students to be more energetic, particularly those who normally lead less active lives. The venture, headed up by Danish landscape architect firm VEGA Landskab, perfectly complements the natural setting of Skørping School, encouraging participation and learning amongst students and the local community through an active interaction with nature.

The playground encompasses three distinct elements – at the forest edge a dedicated zone unites the transition from schoolyard to forest, the overgrown plants and weeds were cut back and new plants are added. A ‘forest loop’ runs through the playground, comprising a raised wooden walkway made from Kebony which weaves along the schoolyard and into the woods. Kebony was selected for the ‘forest loop’ walkway due to its hard wearing qualities that can withstand exposure to the elements without splintering, making it a safe and fit for purpose wood, suitable for use in a playground.

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