Kebony Endgrain sealingwax 8131 K+

  • developed and recommended for Kebony materials
  • protects front and cutting edges against moisture and cracks
  • dirt repellent
  • water repellent


Product characteristics:
Kebony End-Grain Sealing Wax is very water repellant and protects the board ends and cut surfaces against cracking and moisture damages

8131K+ Colourless

Fields of application:
All front and cutting edges of wood outdoors.

The surface must be clean and free from grease and dust. Stir well before use. Kebony End-Grain Sealing Wax is a final coat and can not be over-coated. If thickened at cold temperatures,
warm container slightly up in warm water.

Apply Kebony End-Grain Sealing Wax with a cloth or sponge on the cut edge in order to create a slight wax film.

Best processing temperature:
between 8° C and35° C

Coverage per liter:
approx. 14 m2 of cut surface
Depends on wood species and surface structure.

Number of treatments:
1x Kebony End-Grain Sealing Wax

Drying time:
Touch-dry after approx. 1 hour.
Completely dry–depending on air humidity - after approx. 24hours.

Cleaning of tools:
with SAICOS Brush Cleaner or similar

At least 5 years in sealed container. The liquid product is not susceptible to frost. To restore good spreadability after exposure to frost, store at room temperature for several hours and stirwell.

Cleaning of wood surface with end-grain sealing wax on ends
Use water and a brush, no strong cleaning agents or high pressure cleaning equipment.

Physical properties:
0.85 - 0.91g/cm3
Odour: faint/mild, odourless when dry
Flashpoint: > 61° C acc. to DIN 53213

Safety instructions - first aid:
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not fill into food, beverage or other containers used for foodstuffs. Wash out any product-soaked rags immediately or store in an airtight container (danger of combustion). The dried coating is normally inflammable acc. to EURO norm EN 13501 (DIN 4102 B2).  Contains IPBC. May produce an allergic reaction. Safety data sheet available on request.

EU limit for the product (cat. A/i): 500 g/l (2010)
Kebony End-Grain Sealing Wax contains maximum 500 g/l VOC.

Our application advice is provided to the best of our knowledge and based on tests and experience used on Kebony-materials. Used on other materials the user is responsible for any testing and collecting data With publishing a new product data sheet the previous loses
its validity.

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