Kebony cabin built in the wild
Jon Danielsen Aarhus
Ustaoset, Norway

Kebony cabin built in the wild

© Knut Bry

Cabin Ustaoset, remotely positioned at the foot of Hardangervidda, Europe’s greatest mountain plateau and Norway’s largest National Park - provides guests with unprecedented views of the surrounding scenery. Architect, Jon Danielsen Aarhus, consciously selected Kebony for the exterior cladding of this secluded cabin due to its hard-wearing qualities and environmentally friendly nature.

Separated into two flexible rooms, including a spacious living room and loft, Cabin Ustaoset incorporates practical and simplistic design, combining a natural Kebony façade with an insulating and solar protected glass to provide up to 13 guests with exceptional views of the surrounding landscape.

Jon Danielsen Aarhus, Architect: “Truthfully, this was one of the most challenging projects I have ever embarked upon; however, Kebony’s ability to withstand all weather conditions whilst maintaining a sleek and modern finish made it possible for me to achieve the desired outcome of a hardwearing and sustainable cabin that embraces the essence of its natural surroundings.”

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