Located in Marinstaden, Sweden, AquaVilla has unveiled the completion of its largest floating home.

The unique and remarkable property named ‘Sjövilla 210’ perfectly embodies Scandinavia’s ambitious design culture, constructed with materials chosen to function to the highest standard in marine conditions. Complementing AquaVilla’s dynamic design ethos, Kebony was selected for every piece of timber used throughout the build including the exterior walls, pontoon deck and roof terrace.

AquaVilla’s largest home is an inspiring feat of architecture and design, which is synonymous with the growth of the company to date. Constructed on a 12 x 18 metre concrete support on the seabed, the beautiful home is as much a product of the innovative materials used, as the creative idea that inspired it. Kebony proved to be the perfect material for this project; its resistance to wear and weathering was a key consideration when choosing the material given the waterfront location of Sjövilla 210.