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Kebony modified wood products are designed to outlast and outperform traditional softwoods while providing a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods. The Kebony process is 100% eco-friendly, giving you the beauty of real wood without compromising the environment.


Sourced from FSC®-Certified forests, our Kebony®  decking is engineered to handle the harshest of conditions.

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Kebony is leading the way in sustainable and long-lasting real wood cladding. Our award-winning cladding projects have solidified Kebony as the go-to for top architects. Kebony cladding is unmatched in beauty, durability, and sustainability.

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Kebony is available in Clear and Character grade. Clear has a smooth and even look, while Character contains knots. Choosing between the two is often a matter of personal taste and preference.


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Why choose Kebony wood as a sustainable alternative to Ipé tropical hardwood? [Infographic]

[14 june, 2023] As a pioneer in the movement for a more environmentally friendly construction industry, Kebony released its second sustainability report last week. The report provides a transparent assessment…

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