Dually Modified™ Wood Technology

Kebony employs a patented technique to enhance the wood’s strength and longevity significantly. To obtain this, Kebony is using a biobased liquid to modify the wood. Two major actions are happening simultaneously in the wood cell:

1. Active modification

The biobased liquid reacts with OH-groups present in wood and reduces the water sensitivity significantly. This reaction increases the durability of the wood.

2. Passive modification

The biobased liquid forms a polymer that is reinforcing the wood which contributes directly to the strength and hardness of the wood and gives the brown colour.

Thanks to this unique dually modified™ process Kebony is able to replicate nature and produce wood with equal or superior performance of tropical hardwood, in a fast and sustainable way.

Worry-Free Wood Products

Because Kebony permanently changes the wood’s behaviors as compared to natural woods, there is no need to consistently maintain the surface for longevity; you can simply let the
wood naturally gray like Ipé or other Brazilian hardwoods.

Technical Data

We have the resources you need to specify and install Kebony products with confidence. Whether you’re looking for drawings, certificates or general data, you can browse through our technical documents and easily download what you need.

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