Kebony launches new AEC Daily course for continuing education

Kebony Launches New AEC Daily Course

Kebony launches new AEC Daily course for continuing education


There are few fields out there that allow you to stop your education once you attain your credentials. Like many professionals, architects find that in order to stay on top of their game, they need to continue their education, working on credits toward their accreditation, while staying abreast with the latest in techniques and materials to keep their work fresh. The building industry changes nearly constantly, with newer materials, techniques, and designs being brought to the forefront of the industry and changing the way that people view the homes and buildings they interact with every day. For that reason alone, architects need to keep up the latest in information and materials, simply to stay relevant in their chosen field. At the same time, state accreditation requires architects to undergo a set number of hours of continuing education each year, making it more difficult to for architects to find the time to stay current in all areas of their field. Thankfully, for those working on their annual or biennial credits, AEC Daily is able to help.

Keeping Current

Depending on the state that you may be licensed in, architects need to complete a specific number of hours of continuing education either annually or biennially to maintain their accreditation. Numbers vary from 5 hours to 30, but the fact remains that you need to study to stay ahead in this competitive field.

The choices for how you pursue this education can be numerous depending on your interests and your passions. You may find that learning about new materials makes the most sense for you, or you may find that studying a new technique or facet of engineering is what’s needed for you to stay relevant. The fact remains, however, that regardless of what you choose to study, keeping current isn’t a choice, it’s a prerogative.

Using AEC Daily

As an architect, you likely have very little free time to pursue continuing education. Not only do you need to work each day, you also need to educate yourself on the latest in materials and trends, so that you can remain competitive and ensure that your designs are speaking to your clients. That’s why using free, online courses through AEC Daily can help.

By continuing your education online through AEC Daily, you can fit in your continuing education hours when it’s convenient to you. In addition, you can further your education in a way that helps you stay abreast with the rest of the field.

For example, it’s possible to take courses in specific materials, techniques, strategies, and designs so you can feed your passion for your work while you meet your state requirements. AEC Daily has courses in many different areas of the building field, including in depth courses on materials, like Kebony’s environmentally friendly, sustainable softwood that’s been treated with a bio-based liquid to be virtually maintenance free. Architects everywhere are beginning to use and recognize Kebony as a choice for exterior and interior cladding and building projects. With courses through AEC Daily, you can learn more about materials like Kebony, where they can be used on your projects, and why you may want to consider giving them a try.

Continue Your Education

As an architect, you may feel that the demands on your time are as great as your passion for your field. Nurture both at the same time by continuing your education on materials like Kebony through AEC Daily. With free and easy to access courses, you’ll likely find that you can meet your educational requirements quickly and easily, while also advancing your skill set at the same time. Continue your education through AEC Daily to help make the most out of your career.