A wood-fired hot tub continues to push the boundaries of sustainable luxury

This is one of the reasons why Tubmarine and Kebony won the ‘Construction Product of the Year‘ trophy at the BLT Built Design Awards for the beautiful wood-fired hot tub combining home luxury with premium, eco-friendly design standards.

Kebony wood, sourced from sustainable softwood, is combined with stainless steel to create the elegant Tubmarine hot tub. Thanks to its innovative design that pushes the boundaries of sustainable luxury, this spa has been one of the most exclusive garden purchases since 2022.

Built with Kebony, the global expert in dually modified™ wood production, the Tubmarine hot tub brings the versatility and aesthetics of Norwegian wood to any home, without harming the environment. Easy to use, this hot tub is heated in less than two hours. It requires no electricity, as it is powered by its integrated wood-burning stove. The Tubmarine lets you enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. It offers a moment of relaxation that respects the environment, thanks to natural energy sources and avant-garde sustainable materials.