Decking trends for 2018

decking trends for 2018

Decking trends for 2018


Decks are an incredibly important part of a home, serving as a place of entertainment as well as relaxation. Despite them being a place where a lot of time is spent, it seems as though decking trends aren't always as inventive as other aspect of exterior design. Thankfully this notion is changing, with every year there are new innovative materials and design ideas.

Here are a few decking trends for 2018 to keep in mind.

Improve on Tradition with Modified Wood

Wood is the most common material used in decking, and has been a staple since the beginning. It is beautiful, natural, and feels more "home-like" than vinyls and other manmade materials. Sadly there are inherent issues associated with wood lumber, such as maintenance needs, vulnerability to the elements and pets, and worries of sustainability.

For these reasons, and more, modified wood will become even more common in 2018 as customers strive for a more eco-friendly but classic looking deck. Despite still being real wood, Kebony modified wood is denser, more durable, and requires no additional maintenance beyond normal cleaning. It can also be used on all types of decking, including pool decks. Modified wood is a highly valuable investment and one material that more deck builders will begin to offer to their clients.

Go for a Modern Look with a Curved Deck

Photo by Christopher Lawson

The classic shape of a deck is typically square or rectangular. This shape is very universal, easy to construct, and reduces the amount of material waste. However, the easiest option isn't always the most visually interesting. Over the past couple years curved kitchen islands have become more popular and curved pools or water features have been common for a number of years. Now it is time for decks to try out the appeal of the curve.

A curved deck is visually stunning and actually a great idea for small or tight spaces. A large rectangular deck may take up too much space in a backyard, whereas a curved deck can be made smaller while still being more visually appealing. Another example is if you have a curved pool or curves in landscaping. Matching the curve of your deck to these objects looks very high-end.

Combine Mixed Colors with Your Surface Treatments

Playing with color is a trend that affects all aspects of home design, inside and out. When it comes to a deck chances are you don't want to play with bright colors, but rather subtly mix different tones to create a space with a lot of natural character. The trick is to use the same color family stain, but in varying tones. Less is more when it comes to this, but you can create a very dimensional deck using this method.

While a modified wood like Kebony doesn't need a surface treatment, one can still be applied if you want a different shade. Just keep in mind that if you do color some boards but not others, these untreated boards will develop a silver patina.

Pair a Freestanding Deck with a Pergola

Photographed and Designed by Villa Garden

Freestanding decks are a great way of creating an isolated space away from the house and/or main deck. These freestanding decks can be made to look more welcoming by combining them with a pergola. Pergolas function as an outdoor room of sorts, minus walls or a ceiling. It is often the ideal ways of making a freestanding deck fit in with its surrounding rather than looking like a simple slab of wood.

Pergolas are easy to construct and match any type of landscaping. As a contractor you can offer this add-on to a freestanding deck client with success. Freestanding decks, whether they function as a main deck or a little hideaway further in the backyard, will become more of a trend, especially when paired with a pergola.

Create a Stunning Distressed Look with Shou Sugi Ban

The ancient Japanese technique of scorching wood to preserve it is called Shou Sugi Ban. This practice can be done on any wood and looks particularly beautiful on Kebony, whose added durability vs normal wood lends even more advantage. Shou Sugi Ban may be common elsewhere, but is only beginning to gain traction popularly.

The Shou Sugi Ban treatment is perfect for homeowners that want a darker, unique deck without having to re-stain wood. There are varying degrees of Shou Sugi Ban, from a very light touch that just brings up the natural grain of the wood to quite deep and bold. Shou Sugi Ban is most popular on home siding, but in 2018 there should be more effort made into doing this treatment on decking.

The deck is one of the most important outdoor spaces for any home. By combining these 2018 trends with sound construction techniques and quality materials, you will be able to design even more beautiful outdoor spaces for your customers.