The Value of Building Decks with FSC-Certified Wood

The Value of Building Decks with FSC-Certified Wood

The Value of Building Decks with FSC-Certified Wood


As we all know, an important aspect of a beautiful and functional deck design is the materials used to create it. This makes staying up-to-date on the decking options the market has to offer very important for deck builders and designers. Different clients and homeowners will have different priorities and the most successful professionals will have a solution for every customer in their back pocket.

Wood strongly remains one of the most popular materials for deck building. Its natural beauty and warm look are highly desirable, not to mention it's easy to work with and readily available. However, if you have a customer who is eco-conscious they might question the environmental responsibility of wood decking. So what do you do in this case?

The answer is quite simple - you offer FSC-certified wood decking as a solution.

What is FSC-certified wood decking?

Whether you're a professional deck builder or a homeowner with experience in construction, chances are you've heard of FSC certifications on certain wood materials.

The FSC certification is granted by the Forest Stewardship Council and is given to wood products that align with their ideals for sustainable and environmental protection. The main focus of the Forest Stewardship Council is to support responsible forest and woodlot management, thereby helping to reduce negative impacts on our environment (i.e. deforestation).

When you find wood decking that has been FSC-certified it proves that you're purchasing materials that have been sourced from conscientious, reliable woodlots rather than poorly managed or even illegal sources.

Why build with FSC-certified wood?

(Residential deck, by Mareiner Holz, photo by Mareiner Holz)

Deforestation is a serious concern and an issue that will only be fixed through consistent efforts. The majority of deforestation that occurs is due to land development for agricultural use, but the intentional illegal harvesting of timber also contributes. This is particularly true for tropical hardwood species, which are often a popular choice for wood decking. By purchasing FSC-certified wood decking you will be supporting companies that practice responsible forestry.

There is a strong trend towards green building from both the professional and end-user perspective. Selecting FSC-certified wood for new decks is a good step in the right direction.

Satisfying environmentally conscious homeowners with FSC-certified wood products is a simple solution, however what if your customer wants more? What if they want an environmentally friendly and low maintenance wood deck? Well then it might be time to talk about modified wood.

Benefits of FSC-certified modified wood decking

(Private terrace, photo by Salih Usta)

Kebony modified wood decking not only has the appeal of offering FSC-certified varieties, but it also has a number of performance benefits that other wood decking options do not.

Kebony takes sustainable softwood species and enhances them with a non-toxic, bio-based liquid and drying process to maximize the wood’s durability and performance. Through this “kebonization” process the wood cell walls become 50% thicker, helping it to perform more like tropical hardwood. The result is not only environmentally friendly, but also incredibly low maintenance.

Decks tend to take on a lot of wear-and-tear, as they’re constantly walked on and, in most cases, directly exposed to the elements. The most common reason for wood decks to experience damage is due to neglect, particularly when it comes to surface treatments. Kebony modified wood, doesn’t require any surface treatments to ensure it’s performance. Over time it will naturally develop an attractive gray patina, but the wood’s other characteristics remain unchanged.

Additionally, Kebony modified wood comes with a 30 year warranty, which is very rare in the world of real wood decking.

So when it comes to satisfying those who are in search of a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly decking, consider FSC-certified wood products or play it even safer with Kebony wood decking.