5 things deck builders can do now to Improve their business in 2018

improve your deck business

5 things deck builders can do now to Improve their business in 2018


As a deck builder your primary goal for your business is to not just get by, but really make true success while creating beautiful outdoor spaces for your customers. When it comes to solid business practices there is no room for complacency. Far too many decking builders reach a certain level of success and begin to get so wrapped up in customer projects that they forget about the business end of things. Soon they are complete with their projects and find that they don't have many new clients waiting or perhaps discover how unorganized their business is when they can't find that invoice they need.

A successful decking business isn't just your skill as a builder, but also your prowess as a business owner. Here are 5 things you can do to make 2018 an even more successful year for your company.

Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the most important factors in the success of any business is the implementation of a solid marketing strategy. Many contractor businesses like deck construction still rely too heavily in ads in newspapers or word-of-mouth marketing. While both of these methods do still work, it simply isn't enough when trying to compete in a very digital consumer world.

A sound digital marketing strategy involves the creation of a stunning website and solid web presence in social media. Your website should function as a means of showing off your portfolio of completed projects and highlight what services you offer. Your location and contact information must be clearly marked and hiring a SEO specialist who understand local SEO marketing will greatly help.

There are many small things that nearly anyone can do with digital marketing, but if you really want major success you should consider hiring a marketing specialist. 

Invest in Continued Education and Training

The world of deck building is constantly changing, just as any industry does. Staying up to date with changes in training and education are therefore paramount if you wish to stay ahead of the competition as well as improve customer satisfaction.

You and any part of your crew involved in construction should be up-to-date with OSHA safety standards that apply to your work for starters. Don't forget that occasionally upgraded products from your material manufacturer may also require different handling protocols which you and your crew must stay current with. Staying in the know ensures that your business stays relevant and is seen as reputable.

Get Your Business Organized Digitally

Hinted at earlier, there is little doubt that the digital world has very much taken over business. Not only has it affected how potential customers find you, but also how you do business on a personal level. Even if you only own a small deck building company you should consider moving your business to the digital side.

You can reduce paper clutter and make documents easier to find by upgrading to a digital organizational system. Scanning and recording invoices, receipts and other important documents is quick, without requiring you to invest in expensive equipment. You can also bring your crew to the digital world, using smart online project platforms to keep tabs on everyone and share important project information.  

Improve Your Hiring Process

You should make it as easy of a decision as possible for potential customers to hire you. Essentially you want to increases your chances of "winning the bid" in order to get more clients and therefore grow you business more.

A simple but effective way of sealing the deal and getting hired is to place your phone number with an invitation for a free consultation in the header, footer, or sidebar on every page of your website. Being able to speak with the customer not only makes them feel more partial to you, but also helps you determine if their project is one you'd like to pursue. You should also politely follow-up with potential hirers and send a thank you not to previous customers to maintain relations. 

Set and Measure Business Goals

While it might be last on the list, one of the most effective means of improving your business in 2018 is to set goals. Goal-setting is a vital part of any type of growth, whether it's personal or your decking business. The key is to set SMART goals and post them in your office to track on a regular basis.

SMART goals are those that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. You can find a plethora of information in the details of how to properly write SMART goals for a business online. By following SMART guidelines you can better build your business for long-term success.

The key to a successful decking business is mostly about maintenance. You must maintain a high level of training for you and your crew, ensure your business stays organized digitally and on paper, and that you have a thought-out marketing strategy always in effect. By following these 5 tips and continuing your education into running a business you will find that 2018 is a more profitable year.