Kebony Character 23x48 mm batten

23 x 48 mm

Kebony Character products are made from FSC®-certified Pinus Sylvestris, which have been treated with a bio-based liquid.The patented Kebony® technology gives a unique wood product with outstanding durability and an exclusive appearance containing knots.

Kebony Character products can be cross cut to length as untreated woods but exposed end grain should be treated with a wood preserver. They should not be further machined as untreated heartwood will appear.

Heartwood content will vary. The given data in this datasheet represent Kebony Character with a heartwood content of approximately 50 %.

The Kebony® technology gives a deep rich brown colour. After exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-gray patina.

Kebony Character er produsert fra FSC™ sertifisert Pinus Sylvestris, som er behandlet med et biobasert, fornybart innsatsstoff.

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