Cabin facing an endless horizon
Egersund, Norway

Cabin facing an endless horizon

© Kathrine Sørgård

This silver-colored cabin, owned by Fleming Knap Sørensen and Sonnia Olesen, lies at a height of almost 45 meters above sea level. On nice summer days, they open up the cabin against the ocean and face an endless horizon. The previous owner chose Kebony Character decking and cladding for the wood's hard-wearing properties. In the meantime, the facade and terrasse have developed a silver-grey patina, matching perfectly into the rocky surroundings.

"The cabin has been well taken care of by the previous owner, which maes us very happy. For us it was most important that the cabin is maintenance-free, as the cabin is for us an investment in health and well-being. It is like our second home, only that is it completely stress and hasslefree. This is where we get the opportunity to calm down and get away from daily and necessary tasks. Here we have time to know the nature and the forces, and we have time for each other" says Fleming Knap Sørensen.

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