Kebony, the ideal choice for decking and cladding in hot climates

Discover why Dually Modified™ Kebony wood is an excellent choice for use in hot climates, providing a sustainable and durable solution for your construction or outdoor projects.

Why choose modified wood in a hot climate?

Applications in Hot Climates

Kebony is an ideal solution for cladding and decking applications, but is also used for furniture, sound barriers and much more.


Kebony produces a market leading product in sustainable and long-lasting real wood cladding. Our award-winning cladding projects have cemented Kebony as the first choice for top architects around the world. Kebony cladding is unmatched in beauty, durability, and sustainability.

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Kebony Decking is the most versatile wood decking profile on the market, engineered to be fastened in different ways, making it easy to secure surface decking according to your needs. Kebony is the perfect solution for a wide range of use cases, as our range of stunning decking projects demonstrates.

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Why choose Kebony?

At Kebony we specialize in providing high-quality wood products and solutions, meeting and exceeding the demands of construction in a hot climate. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your construction and design goals while ensuring environmental responsibility.

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Browse through our product offering and discover how our solutions can transform your projects into resilient and visually spectacular buildings.

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