Sustainability and environmental performance were the key drivers for the design of one of Europe’s largest office and warehouse buildings in Mölndal on the outskirts of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Kebony modified wood is an environmentally-friendly material with unique characteristics, which made it the obvious choice for external cladding for the building. The results are outstanding.

“Constructing one of Europe’s largest office and warehouse buildings in solid wood has required commitment and innovation. The results are utterly unique,” states Johann Johansson, who works for the contractor Exli AB.

It was Exli that presented the idea of constructing a solid-wood office building to Sjöklint Agenturer, an agency in the Nordic fashion market. The company sells exclusive clothing and has fashion agents worldwide. The new office building had to be sustainable and built using smart, environmentally-friendly and innovative materials and methods. Exli believes in using timber for purely environmental reasons, but is also certain that the building will have a positive effect on Sjöklint’s reputation.

“Unlike many other projects being designed and built today, we believe in the added value that a long-lasting, sustainable design delivers. Ideas and views of how homes, offices and warehouses should be constructed have changed with time. Quick-fix construction is neither sustainable, cheap nor a particularly smart long-term solution,” Johansson says.

The project has been dubbed “the Circuit Board” and has embraced sustainability from start to finish. It was promoted and discussed at every design and construction meeting. Everyone participated in the discussions. As a result, both employees and subcontractors have contributed and can feel proud of having been part of the team on this project.

The contractor Johansson had good experience of using Kebony for the construction of residential properties and has noted extremely positive responses from customers when Kebony is suggested as a supplier.

“As well as the environmental aspects and the nature of the material, we like the ease of installation and clear instructions. What’s more, the factory always provides excellent direct support if anything is unclear at the building site,” he explains, and adds that “the Circuit Board” has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“It has been a very positive project! It is apparent from the feedback we’ve received that people like the design of the building and the materials used.” Mölndal local authority has also commented that the building and the project have been very positive for the area.

Facts about “the Circuit Board”

  • Office and warehouse
  • Designed and constructed by Exli AB
  • 1750 m2 of floor area
  • The project ran between 2015 and 2017