How To Enhance Your Exterior with Wood Window Trim




Exterior windows trim – enhance your exterior with wood window trim

The siding you choose for your house makes the biggest visual impact, but the smaller details on a home’s exterior are what really make it look finished. A great example of an exterior detail that makes a difference between an average exterior and one that really pops is wood window trim.

Why window trim is important

(Havenvigen Townhouses, by Arkitema Architects, photo by Niels Nygaard)
(Havenvigen Townhouses, by Arkitema Architects, photo by Niels Nygaard)

Wood window trim is both a stylish and functional feature. In fact, it should be considered more of a necessity than a simple luxury.

Wood trim around windows performs the very important function of improving the insulation of your home’s exterior. Many homeowners will want to eventually upgrade their windows to low-e, double-pane glass in an effort to lower monthly heating and/or cooling bills. What some homeowners may not be aware of is how effective quality wood window molding can be to enhance existing windows, whether they’ve already been upgraded or if the home is still outfitted with outdated glass.

The perimeter around a window is the most likely place to experience air leaks anywhere on a house exterior, except for the door perimeter. Even if you have glazed windows, small gaps around the window itself can still let in hot or cold air. Properly installed wood window trim will block drafts and moisture from entering your home.

Window trim should always be present on a home if the homeowner would like to improve their energy efficiency. Wood window trim can be very basic and still perform this function. However, it goes without saying that if you’ll be installing trim anyway, you might as well go with a stylish design to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Enhancing your home with modern exterior window trim

(Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, by Vermund+Gere Arkitekter, photo by Angell foto AS and Sindre Karlsen and Pir II)

New wood trim can instantly make your home feel updated and chic. If you’re a little overwhelmed on how to begin choosing a design for your home, here are a few modern exterior window trim ideas to consider.

1. Painting white or black never fails

A very classic approach to styling window trim is to paint it white. White trim looks stunning and clean against any home exterior, regardless of the siding material or color. The same modern effect can be done with black or dark charcoal paint, as well. This option is a little more dramatic, but nonetheless attractive and appealing.

2. Go with a bold or bright color

(Sweden’s round passive house, photo by Anders Bergon)

If your home is a bit neutral in appearance, you might want to think about painting your trim a colorful shade, instead. A rich navy blue or even a bold burnt orange can look beautiful. You might try to match it based on the current color of your home’s siding. For example, if your home is clad in a medium-green, trim that’s painted a few shades darker or lighter will really compliment your exterior style.

3. Let the wood speak for itself

(Villa with Kebony windows, by Pir II, photo by Johnny Gere)

Wood trim has a natural appeal to it. If you’re a wood lover and your home’s siding is already a neutral shade, consider just sealing your wood trim or staining it in a product that will allow the character of the wood, including grains and knots, to show through. Better yet, select modified wood trim that will gracefully age to a light gray shade over time.

4. Bring the look of interior molding out

Wood Window Trim
(Nina, by Pir II, Photo by Sindre Karlsen and Pir II)

You can also have your wood trim designed to mimic ornate window molding, like crown molding you might see inside a house. This will require a bit more work, but instantly makes a house seem more upscale and valuable.

There are many different looks that can be achieved with wood window trim. Keep in mind that if you already have a very “busy” exterior, a more minimalist approach to your trim will likely look best. If your exterior is quite bare, consider going with an ornate looking trim to really make an impression.

Selecting a superior wood trim material

Wood Window Trim
(Villa with Kebony windows, by Vermund+Gere Arkitekter, photo by Johnny Gere)

When it comes to the best wood for exterior window trim, modified wood is hard to beat.

Modified wood is a specially enhance real wood product that is environmentally-friendly, produced from sustainable raw wood and impregnated with a non-toxic bio-based liquid. After curing, Kebony modified wood boards are denser and much stronger. Modified wood’s hardness level is on par with the best tropical hardwoods, and because it’s made from sustainable, fast-growing species, you won’t be contributing to heartbreaking deforestation of hardwood forests that will take hundreds of years to regrow.

Kebony modified wood is an excellent choice for exterior wood window trim because it’s easy to care for and maintains its durability without needing any type of surface treatment. This is a very versatile wood and you can opt to stain or paint the trim if you wish.

Installing exterior window trim will not only help maintain adequate heat or cold levels in your home and lower your HVAC bill, but it also can really freshen up the look of your house. If you don’t have window trim installed or your current window trim is lacking in appearance or effectiveness, consider replacing it with beautiful Kebony modified wood trim instead.

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